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Jun 19 2017 at 12:57
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AniLorak posted:
BaldoN posted:
ChenLipKeong posted:
tendai posted:
Hi guys does anyone know a broker called fbs

I used their demo service; the main problem was their high trading spreads! In addition, during high voltage news sessions they increase trading spreads, that’s way I never invested here!

Hi Chen, how did you find a topic frozen for the last 7 months :) - no offence, just joke.

By the way, just a look over their website and I noticed they are offering Mercedes's, 1:3000 leverage, bonuses and a thousand other marketing tools for attracting clients. I would stay away from them :)

You are right Baldo, only market maker brokers offer these kind of live trading facilities! Transparent Forex broker focus on mainly 100% capital security with a smooth live trading environment!

Dear Sirs!

We definitely understand your concerns, since each client worries about his/her funds safety.
And we would like to clarify several points on this matter.
First, considering the spreads, please, kindly be reminded that we provide several account types with different spread types. Thus, if you want to trade with minimal spreads, you can always choose Unlimited or ECN account type.
Regarding the spread widening, please, kindly take into consideration that it is absolutely normal market practice, and we surely inform our clients beforehand that spread on trading accounts can be widened before, in time and after economic, political and other news release, during the Gap, at the time of Market opening (on Monday) as well as at the time of low market liquidity and when a market situation is conditional on high spreads. Though, if you prefer trading on news, we provide trading account with fixed spread (Micro account), which secure your account from high volatility and spread widening.

Considering our promotions, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that FBS company has been founded in 2009, and during its eight-year history has received numerous international awards, proving its worth to the customers. At the moment we do our best to show our gratitude to our customers for placing their trust in us by providing the most breathtaking bonuses and trading conditions.
Regarding your suggestions, that FBS company is a Market Maker, we would love to ask you for relevant proof of it.
Please, kindly take into consideration, that FBS doesn’t use such production of MetaQuotes, since we are regulated STP & ECN broker. We can recommend you to contact MetaQuotes to make sure that FBS never purchased virtual dealer plugin.

We hope that we have managed to resolve all misunderstandings!

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