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Looking for reliable ECN brokers...

Michael Butcher (Finarmcom)
May 29 at 10:39
8 комментариев
I think that we have a lot of opportunities to study info. Reviews of brokers are important part for choosing broker. You need to have a lot of researching info, maybe, comments, study of licenses and so on. When I was looking for the right broker I found the good site Finarm. I learnt a lot of info about brokers on this site. You should check it!

May 29 at 12:39
635 комментариев
For a reliable broker, do some research on Google. First criteria is regulation of the broker. Don't go for unrelated broker. Then check the other facilities that you need for your trading.

Jun 11 at 12:41
18 комментариев
If you are particularly looking at low spreads then I would suggest hankotrade. Been using their ecn plus account for a while now and satisfied so far.

Jun 12 at 08:02
951 комментариев
right now its not an easy task to find a reliable ECN broker ,

Jun 15 at 06:58
38 комментариев
We can say for sure that a broker, in which nothing is hidden, provides all its conditions, which are spelled out on its website.

Elena Triston (ele020)
Jun 16 at 04:46
219 комментариев
Checkout fxview, I have been using them from a while now and pretty impressed with their raw ecn spreads and low commissions..

The more your practice, the more you learn.
Jun 16 at 14:09
25 комментариев
I recommend trading with FP Markets. I currently scalp using them, and the spreads are consistent with lower slippage and commission costs per lot.

Jun 16 at 22:42
4 комментариев
Jun 30 at 05:29
15 комментариев
While searching for a broker, don’t forget to check its reviews and ratings. Its previous customers can give you an insight of the type of broker you are going to trade with.

Suradi (FXOday)
Jun 30 at 23:03
165 комментариев
I am not looking for another broker for now, because so far I am already joined to FXOpen as a broker that has regulated on ASIC, FCA, and Cysec, offer account micro, STP and ECN also Crypto account, included low spread broker but they use variable spread due to No dealing desk broker.

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