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modern economy crumble. what will happen next?

Aug 06 at 06:11
90 комментариев
Of course, there will be an impact on the market, but the fact that he wants to work is unambiguous because it doesn't matter that something will happen in the economy

Aug 28 at 17:45
14 комментариев
Everything that happens with the world economy affects the market, that's why following the news and important world events is the main task of those traders who prefer long-term trading activity and use fundamental analysis for it. Of course, it's difficult to watch for the news every day because you also should have some time on traing activity and it's the main issue of such traders. They can't distrubite their time wisely and they can't trading not reading the news. I suppose in such situations people have to work on their psychology. It will be enough to create a special schedule whhich you must comply with.

Sep 01 at 19:02
47 комментариев
Nobody knows about the future and it's better stop thinking about it. Surely, we can predict some of the minor events which will happen with ourselves and plan out lives correspondingly, but the global future is still unknown. Everything might happen in several weeks in the world and some of the events may be very huge and important, however, as for trading or investing, the best strategy will be to react to the changes which we observe right now without asking ourselves, what will happen in the future.

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Sep 02 at 03:17
116 комментариев
I keep hearing rumors that we’re about to go into another lockdown in the US, not sure if it’s true but hoping not as it will definitely have another negative impact on the economy. Just helping to put small businesses out of business while mega corporations keep all the profit for themselves. I’d expect this to have ripple effects if it does happen.

Sep 12 at 13:35
283 комментариев
it's hard to predict something in any market, all these thoughts look more like people just guessing what will go and how

Oct 05 at 20:05
8 комментариев
That is an arguable thing because there are no people who can see the future. Everything might happen and it is impossible to prepare for it, I am talking about the black swans. They are game changers and affect the situation dramatically. So, my position is that it is early to say about crisis in such a situation when a single event can lead to different outcomes.

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