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Most traders don't get success

May 28 at 07:40
52 комментариев
Most traders don't get success in the forex market because of poor risk management.

May 28 at 08:55
33 комментариев
I believe that the major reason for getting losses in forex is lack of knowledge and getting impatient to make maximum profits in a short span of time.

May 29 at 10:12
335 комментариев
Yes most traders do not get success because they are not skilled enough to be successful. To be a successful traders, one needs to have good analysis skills and a sound and composed mind.

May 29 at 10:55
4 комментариев
Sometimes, overconfidence is also the reason for failure. Little knowledge, big ambitions and the result is a big loss

Jun 17 at 14:37
670 комментариев
Your idea is correct. Many traders think a forex market is a money-making machine and if you trade here you can gain a lot of profit. Such thoughts seem bizarre.

Jun 18 at 08:03
148 комментариев
success is a big deal in this trading place , need a long time experience with great level of patience. so we the traders first of all have to ensure how to keep patience.

Jun 18 at 08:26
20 комментариев
Most traders start live trading with minimal education and hope that luck will multiply their initial amount.

Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Jun 18 at 08:59
94 комментариев
Forex trading requires a lot of effort to create a trading system and develop a trading strategy. Many traders trade non-systematically, spontaneously, and therefore their results are also spontaneous and not supported by any systematic approach.

Jun 18 at 10:25
15 комментариев
Most of forex traders not able to make up as they quit too early by flowing in the emotions. Forex trading only demands lot of practice with every time something different and better on trades.

Jun 18 at 13:25
37 комментариев
Why is it that most traders that are beginners do not succeed in Forex trading for a long time?

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