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Not a good idea to follow many pairs

Feb 08 at 11:53
82 комментариев
AliaDare posted:
If your trading knowledge is good, then working together with many pairs is not a problem.

I agree with you, if one has the proper understanding and knowledge to trade with multiple currency pairs, then he should.

Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Feb 08 at 12:02
92 комментариев
Do not flow into the opinions of others. If you are an experienced trader and think that you can work on increasing pairs for trading, go for that. I would suggest that try to manage each trade with clarity, most of the time traders get lost which position to open or close. Be careful about that.

Feb 08 at 15:37
28 комментариев
I suggest trading with all pairs at the initial stage and find the suitable one for you and stick to it. It's fair to trade with multiple pairs but be prepared to face the loss and risks involved in it.

Feb 09 at 10:02
48 комментариев
Typically, it is best to start off with one pair or two pairs, until you are more comfortable with forex trading . Later, you can trade on multiple pairs which suits you most but avoid trading more than 5-8 pairs, too many things can become a headache.

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Feb 11 at 09:40
187 комментариев
Obviously it is not a good idea to follow too many pairs, focus on 2-3 pairs so that you can make a good strategy focusing on these pairs only.

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