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Jan 15 at 17:48
349 сообщений
EbonyJones posted:
Earning money from the forex market mainly depends on your trading abilities and strategy. You have to face a great loss if youn't pick the right strategy.

Right. Your survival depends on how well you are managing you risk in trading.

Jan 15 at 18:41
17 сообщений
No it’s not easy at all if it was I suppose everyone would be doing it.

perryjohn765 (perryjohn765)
Jan 16 at 05:40
151 сообщений
trade is not at all easy. thats right if it would have been easy every other individual would be trading and earning money. it needs hardwork and lot of study to be successful.

Feb 11 at 11:49
25 сообщений
I think it is a common misconception that it is easy to make money in forex. A lot of practice and knowledge goes into it. Not at all an easy job!

Feb 12 at 05:56
40 сообщений
To conquer the market, you have to put in the best effort and it's worth it.

Feb 24 at 12:08
16 сообщений
Yes, you are right. In order to make some money, one has to be familiar with the art of trading. Knowing how everything works in the market can turn out to be a good thing for traders.

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