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Обратно к контактам
Mar 03 at 19:21
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Gracewilson1995 posted:
Can anyone suggest me a good ECN/STP broker?

Yes, I found a good one on pipsnipers.com they have a broker on there called Longhorn FX which is an ECN broker.

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Mar 06 at 08:44
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BrantleyC posted:
Sarjohn posted:
There are many brokers who offer pure ECN accounts just go with the regulated once, try and test demo with all and find which is best for you.

True, we should always go for regulated ones. They are much safer.

yes, they care about our funds.

Mar 13 at 06:22
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if you want to find a right broker, you have to move Forex Pace Army where people share their own trading experience. And myfxbook EarnForex and Babypips can be a great source to find a right broker nowadays.

Green Gambit (greengambit)
Mar 13 at 13:51
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Icmarkets I have been with them for 3 and half years. no problem whatsoever. and yeah they have the lowest spread I've seen so far.

Mar 13 at 18:49
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If you want to change the trading plan, you should first practice the demo. It is never possible to trade without a plan. Trading profit depends on the plan. If you research the plan in demo trading, you can avoid a lot of losses.

Mar 15 at 14:26
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I currently trade with an ECN pricing broker FP Markets that offers lower spreads and slippage compared to other similar brokers. Their customer service is also prompt in replying and solving client issues.

Touraj Ostovari (TorajOstovari)
Mar 15 at 16:32
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Templefx is one the best brokers. I know manager of this broker and he is very good person.

Mar 16 at 14:12
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I'm currently looking to move my account to another broker due to certain issues with my broker. I'm looking for an ecn pricing broker with tighter spreads, and lower commission cost?

Mar 16 at 15:31
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