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Mar 19 at 06:18
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There are millions of traders struggling to shine in Forex because Forex is such a market that can make you a millionaire overnight and the reverse also it can make. However, fiest of all, get out of your fear and conquer the best strategy of trading.
Apr 11 at 04:34
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skihav posted:
It is important to understand that this requires experience and, most importantly, knowledge. I think this is important enough.
I agree! The combination of experience and knowledge is the key for success in forex trading. Traders need to be very patient and dedicated in order to gain appropriate trading skills and healthy emotional balance.
Apr 11 at 12:53
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LyudmilLukanov posted:
There are millions of traders struggling to shine in Forex because Forex is such a market that can make you a millionaire overnight and the reverse also it can make. However, fiest of all, get out of your fear and conquer the best strategy of trading.

The problem is that with proper risk management it is not possible to become a millionaire over night or lose all your money.
Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Apr 12 at 15:31
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The main statement that I met most often is 'you need to have a good strategy.'
OK. Let it be EA, and a 'human assistant' will be somehow attached to it, who will be able to make changes in time according to market conditions. But even then, other factors will come into the first line. Psychology, management, planning, lack of experience and knowledge to understand when you can turn on your strategy, and when it is better to sleep an extra hour.
So, in order to shine in forex, a trader must become a diamond, cut from all facets.
Apr 13 at 06:20
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If you want to shine in trading, you must focus on learning as much as possible. You should read e-books and other articles to know about the terminologies of trading. There are a bunch of YouTube videos that also can help a trader in a many ways. To acquire a knack over the use of indicators, traders can trade in demo account.
Apr 14 at 05:10
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Trading requires specific knowledge, discipline, analytical capabilities, and other skills. If you have all these qualities, you can shine in forex trading.

Otherwise, I would suggest you not burn your hard-earned money.
Apr 20 at 07:11
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You don't have to focus on profits to succeed in forex trading; instead, a successful trader is one who can safeguard his or her cash by employing effective risk management strategies.
Apr 20 at 07:15
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Forex is a tough journey so to make advancedment a tarders should go ahead strateagywise. Strategy-based trading is highly essential for a trader and strategy refers to a set of indicators used to forecast the market’s movement down the road. This is a form of technical analysis but technical analysis can be bolstered along with fundamental analysis.
Apr 21 at 03:52
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To shine in Forex, there is no alternative to strategy-based trading. Traders should try to innovate new strategies to catch the market’s trend because a trader cannot make advancement in trading without knowing the actual market trend. A good trading strategy is compared to an asset because it gives them profit on a regular basis. But, traders’ intention is different and they always try to make a quick buck.
Apr 21 at 08:18
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Forex trading is a place where we actually come to make money more but become loser ultimately , because of just emotions.  
Apr 23 at 09:30
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To shine in the forex market, proper knowledge and skills are required. It is very important to learn the basics and practice on a demo account. Then only we’ll have a better understanding of the market and the platform.
Apr 23 at 12:11
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LyudmilLukanov posted:
Focus on learning to succeed in the trading market. Spend time as much as possible to learn.

That's the proper way actually! But I see a number of new traders try to make quick success here! But in reality, there is nothing like shortcut way in Forex!
Apr 25 at 10:31
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Forex trading is not for those who keep looking for the Holy Grail to make huge profits. It lets those shine who know that they will have to work hard in the market. Without the right amount of effort, there is no way profits can come in. You have to constantly improve as you gain experience.
Apr 25 at 11:35
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Traders cannot trade without knowing the actual market trends, so traders must persevere to conceive new strategies to understand market trends. A good trading strategy is likened to an asset with consistency in your returns. Use a demo account before trading and learn effective charting analysis techniques.
Apr 26 at 04:23
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To shine in the forex market you need to be patient enough, have a deep understanding & knowledge of the market, follow your strategy consistently, stay focused, always focus on learning & practising rather than money. Also, you have to control your emotions and greed and always wait patiently for the optimum results.
Apr 26 at 06:27
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Having the right amount of skills and intellect are the only things you need in order to shine in forex. And in order to acquire the skill set and intellect you will need to focus on collecting knowledge and experience. If you enter the market with the sole goal of earning money then you will just end up being disappointed after some time. Just like we say, every trader should focus on getting better at trading and they will eventually get a good amount of profits as reward over time.
Apr 26 at 06:27
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To shine in forex you need to put your hard work and basic knowledge at the forefront. Even if you feel bored, never quit. Be disciplined and patient, and you will see the positive results with time.

Apr 26 at 11:59
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It is quite challenging, but not impossible, to succeed in the forex market. However, you will need to gain a thorough understanding of forex trading in order to do so. Also, you don't have to be overconfident just because you're climbing up the ladder of success. In forex, there is always more to learn and explore.

Apr 28 at 05:03
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You must have the right mindset and attitude to shine in forex.
Apr 28 at 05:53
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Forex is a good profession from where traders can derive massive gain within a very short time. But, we found traders are averse to skill development that keep them lag behind. Traders go for paid courses maximum-of the time but online free learning resources are already available.

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