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Signals are profitable?

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Jul 20 at 13:03
238 комментариев
they may or they may not be profitable.it depends on the signal provider.

Jul 24 at 08:00
330 комментариев
Signals are not always profitable. I think it reduces your confidence and decision taking abilities.

Aug 02 at 15:59
288 комментариев
@Tremblay Yes signals are not always profitable. Usually signals providers give a lot of signals everyday to to keep a better successful percentage.

Aug 02 at 16:10
308 комментариев
It is always advisable to check the signals. For they can be profitable up to one moment. You need to be prepared for this.

Aug 03 at 14:54
26 комментариев
Which signal provider is best to use for beginners, and are they profitable for most trades or just a few?

Aug 04 at 05:55
589 комментариев
@Brussels88 Beginners should not use signals services. If making profit in the forex market were so easy, anyone would make money here. But the reality is very few can make money here.

Sep 12 at 13:51
283 комментариев
it all depends on the signals themselves and on their quality that they bring in the trade

Sep 27 at 20:29
5 комментариев
It depends on signals. Some of them are trustworthy while another group of signals is an absolute trash. Especially if we are talking about free of charge signals. Actually, I believe that the right attitude to the signals should be careful. I mean that you shouldn't follow the signals blindly and always have your own vision of the market. They are kind of advice and it is up to you whether to follow them or not. Critical thinking is a must in trading. Never trust anyone, test all of the ideas on your demo account and make your personal trading decisions.

Oct 12 at 18:28
16 комментариев
Not all of the signals are profitable.
If I had a good trading strategy which would give me good returns and if I got tired of trading, I would think about selling my signals. In this case I wouldn't take risks if I just sold the signals.

Oct 12 at 20:52
370 комментариев
Tremblay posted:
Signals are not always profitable. I think it reduces your confidence and decision taking abilities.

Yes. It is not always profitable.

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