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Trading is all about your comfort

Aug 11 at 08:01
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Femilas posted:
For good trading, of course, you need to have a suitable place where it will be comfortable, outside factors will be distracted

Yes. You have to give proper concentration to make profits from this market.

Aug 11 at 11:48
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What if you are uncomfortable trading but really want to make a success of it. Forex is stressful but the potential gains are huge

Aug 11 at 13:13
485 комментариев
What do you mean inconvenient? Yes, it happens that nothing works, but is it really a reason not to work further? In my opinion, this is wrong.

Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Aug 17 at 10:59
94 комментариев
Calculation of possible risks and a properly constructed trading plan will relieve you of the discomfort associated with uncertainty. If you cannot control the market, then you need to control yourself.

Aug 17 at 20:15
17 комментариев
Unfortunately, there is no universal advice for traders about the trading style. Everyone should find their own style which will be suitable for them.

Aug 18 at 12:27
639 комментариев
@Thetafyn Yes it is. Because every person is different psychologically. What works for you, may not work for me. As our thinking might not be the same.

Aug 18 at 13:30
485 комментариев
This is quite correct and reasonable thinking. It should be understood that people are individual, and the approaches to them are always different.

Aug 18 at 16:50
676 комментариев
The mind needs to relax to create a trading setup. Profits will be much easier if you can trade with the right mindset.

Aug 18 at 17:11
374 комментариев
You must create a place of satisfaction to trade. You must create a trading plan from your comfort zone. If that is possible then the profit will be much easier.

Aug 19 at 06:12
69 комментариев
I agree with you that always keep a positive approach and mindset to be successful in forex trading.

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