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Trading is all about your comfort

Aug 19 at 10:01
6 комментариев
it is good to focus on what you like and what you are good at. Only then will success really come

yana hansen (78678676)
Aug 19 at 10:27
137 комментариев
A peaceful environment clubbed with a strategy that suits your trading style can bring out best results.

Aug 19 at 11:18
20 комментариев
Relaxed is the best trait to be when you are trading else you will have to struggle with trading if you are in unpleasant environment.

Sep 04 at 16:42
283 комментариев
well, there is not only comfort, but also knowledge and skills have a place to be

Sep 05 at 09:14
346 комментариев
It should be understood that without knowledge and experience, a trader really cannot get a positive work result.

Sep 07 at 17:26
17 комментариев
I wouldn't call it a comfort but yes, the trading strategy should be organic with you. I wouldn't say it a comfort because by comfort we usually thing of something that will never change. Like the chair is comfortable because it is soft, and we will always find soft chairs to be comfortable, right? Trading should coincide with your personal vision of the market, so it is not a good idea to start using a trading strategy before you have any attitude of how the trading should look like and what your approaches are.

Sep 08 at 12:56
283 комментариев
Finally, I found a topic where it was personal comfort at work that was touched upon! this is exactly what it is, and you do not need to look for other people's options, find your own!

Oct 12 at 07:23
370 комментариев
AntWalker posted:
it is good to focus on what you like and what you are good at. Only then will success really come

Yes. I agree with you.

Oct 12 at 12:56
283 комментариев
more than one comfort can be dispensed with in trading, there are many aspects that need to be taken into account

Oct 12 at 13:00
346 комментариев
In terms of work, trading is a really interesting proposition. It is trading that can allow you to make good money without much difficulty.

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