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We should not think

Oct 12 at 09:46
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sebking1986 posted:
I would say that thinking is essential to successful trading however you do raise a very valid point on the subject of setting realisitic expecations. If you are a break even trader, what evidence do you have that you should be aiming for say 5% a month for example? Aim to make any profit (with the same level of rsk).

I would say that is very high and quite risky. I haven't gone more than 2% rrr and there was the time where I did go above 3% but it was just purely based on luck. However, if you are very confident enough, then I guess it is okay.

Seb King (sebking1986)
Oct 12 at 10:10
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I used 5% as an abritrary number. This is based on 1% risk per trade. But yes if you are break even consistently then making a few tweaks to try and get to 0.5% profit at the end of the month is progress and not to be sniffed at. My point is don't expect to be a losing trader and then be breezing through an FTMO challange a month later. Social media has created false expectations for people coming into trading.

If you can't spot the liquidity then you are the liquidity.
Oct 12 at 11:15
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A top hedge fund manager will make 10-20%. And that is PER YEAR!!! Just think about that when you want to make 5% per week. Keep your targets realistic

Oct 12 at 12:54
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how is it not necessary to think? you always need to think about your actions, so as not to get absurd results later

Oct 12 at 13:05
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In trading, you need to think. Otherwise, a positive result is simply not worth waiting for.

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Oct 12 at 17:20
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I originally thought you meant that we shouldn't think while trading based on the title, lol. Having unrealistic goals just sets you up for disappointment when you don't meet them. Instead, I think it's important to celebrate the small victories and to start by patting yourself on the back for *not* losing money.

Oct 15 at 07:37
57 комментариев
Learning constantly about forex can give an edge to a trader in the market.

Oct 15 at 09:21
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Yes, it's very true that one should keep their targets realistic as you cannot aim for such high returns as this would be similar to gambling and wouldn't make sense.

Oct 15 at 09:43
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In trading, the opposite is true - you need to think very well. This industry is far from the easiest and requires certain knowledge.

Oct 15 at 11:35
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Having realistic goals in forex trading will help you a lot. It's not easy, but it's effective.

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