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We should not think

Oct 17 at 09:51
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working without thinking is bad advice, don't do it

Oct 21 at 10:11
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I guess we should think, but not always. We should think only in case we need to make a choice, whether we open a position or not, according to the results of technical or fundamental analysis. In other cases we would better not think too much. We shouldn't think that something might go wrotn or something like that. We must stay emotionless until the deal is expired. Only after the expiration of our deal we can start analyze the next one, or in case of mistake, we have to dedicate couple of minutes to the analysis of mistakes. However, professional advice not to analyze lost deals, only those which brought us profits.

Oct 21 at 15:10
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not think about what? there is little you can achieve in life without thinking

Oct 21 at 19:28
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strategy and ea, no human brain while trading xd

Oct 22 at 12:08
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Forex market is easy to trade and you can become profitable overnight is not what traders should think.

Oct 22 at 15:47
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Forex market is very uncertain. Thus, it may not work for us if you set a goal or an amount to earn from this market in a particular month/week. Some months/week may not produce good result, some may produce amazing profit. This is how it works. Let us concentrate in trading more so we can only trade on a solid trade setup with proper money management, discipline, and patience. Then, we take whatever it gives us.

Oct 23 at 11:10
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What then should a trader do? As for me, thinking is the main task of a trader.

Oct 27 at 14:47
336 комментариев
@croisssan I think you didn't read the post just read the post topic. He said we should not think or set any unrealistic profit target. And he is right. That's bad for trading.

Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Oct 27 at 15:41
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Oct 28 at 07:21
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no_frame posted:
Forex market is easy to trade and you can become profitable overnight is not what traders should think.

True. Some people think of forex as a get rich quick scheme.

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