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What happens when demo accounts expire ?

Aug 26 at 01:44
624 комментариев
The new trader should use the demo platform but it should be unlimited. It is not possible to develop skills in 90 days.

Aug 26 at 02:08
320 комментариев
Skills should be developed by trading on demo platforms with unlimited time. It is possible to control emotions.

Aug 26 at 10:23
6 комментариев
It is frustrating that many broker limit demo accounts to 14 days now. That is too short to learn anything

Aug 26 at 12:27
26 комментариев
Primarily when a demo account expires, it can be reactivated by the user using the same email id, or you can register again.

lovefortrading (perryjohn765)
Aug 26 at 13:13
238 комментариев
the broker i trade with does not renew the demo account. it expires after 30 days

Aug 26 at 13:37
289 комментариев
If I am not mistaken, not all companies have a limited time limit.

Aug 26 at 14:25
3 комментариев
brokers delete such accounts. some after 1 month, some after a few years

Aug 27 at 02:20
38 комментариев
Your trading data will intact until you will not choose to delete it.

Aug 27 at 13:10
28 комментариев
It is better to start your learning process way before you sign in for a demo account. Only start using a demo account when you think you are ready and just want to practice, but if 90 days are less you can always request extension of the validity of the demo account. Most brokes happily do that.

Sep 04 at 14:05
589 комментариев
@necolesilvers Yes you are right. Basic understanding of the Forex market and trading should be achieved before opening a demo account.

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