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Best Broker for a Newbie

Oct 09 at 19:10
81 комментариев
Ask yourself the following questions to determine which broker and model might be right for you:
1: How much money do you want to invest?
2: How much do you know about investing?
3: How much control do you want over your investments?
4: Will you be trading intraday, end of day or weekly?
5: How often will you likely to be trading

ZiNeX (zinex11)
Oct 09 at 22:36
16 комментариев
Yes: when choosing a broker, of course, a beginner should pay attention to what spread is provided to brokers, what are the conditions for the payment system, as well as how many years it has been on the market.

Oct 12 at 10:28
49 комментариев
A broker with low trading cost is good imo, found coinexx suitable because of its low commission cost of a dollar per lot.

Oct 28 at 10:40
26 комментариев
I would suggest beginners to complete their education before taking the plunge. Don't be in a hurry to make your first trade, especially if you are not fully prepared.

Oct 28 at 10:46
21 комментариев
Always choose brokers with tight spreads because if the spread is high, even little movements in price can eat up all your money.

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