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Books or Videos - Which one is better for learning?

Jan 13 at 10:46
16 комментариев
Milex32 posted:
If given the choice, I will go for books.
Same! I also prefer books and market news to learn.
Jan 16 at 11:21
50 комментариев
Nickalus_16 posted:
Milex32 posted:
If given the choice, I will go for books.
Same! I also prefer books and market news to learn.
Yes, same with me.
Mar 08 at 20:18
202 комментариев
I am against the idea that it is worth using any available methods. As for me, this will allow you to get more information and knowledge.
Prince Sajir (princesajir)
Mar 09 at 07:48
136 комментариев
Books and videos are just tools, tools to gain knowledge, and both are important. But the most important thing is yourself. You need to put into action, learn from the experience of others and then build your own trading logic.
Mar 15 at 02:20
2 комментариев
There is a time and a place for book and video learning. I prefer to learn with support and guidance. A good teacher and real life experience, watching them and able to get questions answered is the best learning strategy! There are so many things to learn - it helps to have support! Cheers to your success! Kathy
Mar 16 at 20:01
202 комментариев
In the learning process, any source plays a role. I advise you to devote time to learning, and at the same time - enough time in order not to regret later.
Mar 25 at 18:22
202 комментариев
Any option can be considered suitable for learning. The main thing is to understand that the result largely depends on the ability of the trader to perceive the work.
Mar 27 at 05:38
12 комментариев
I personally prefer videos for the visual understanding, rest it depends upon the trader and his methods for learning.
17 часов назад
40 комментариев
Personally, I found that learning about forex trading using a combination of books and videos was the most effective method for me. Books gave me a firm knowledge base and helped me thoroughly understand the principles and methods, whereas videos allowed me to see these concepts in action and obtain practical insights from experienced traders. Ultimately, it comes down to your learning style and preferences; some traders may prefer to focus on one or the other, while others may feel that a combination of both is most effective.
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