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Sep 04 2018 at 11:21
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Good tips. I prefer hourly to daily chart. Stops are too big on daily which isn't really suitable for newbies with small account

Sep 05 2018 at 07:44
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KnightsofKornor posted:
Hi, Can someone give me a tips, new trader here, starting on demo account, i think i'm good in demo you can check my profile and trading history, I gain 573.54% on one account and the other account is 285.76% i trade those accounts only in 2 days. but when comes on live account i can't win just like on my demo account. Thanks in advance
Make sure you're with a reliable broker. Sometimes it may so happen that in order to lure clients these brokers offer stellar conditions on demo account but these don't translate well into the live trading account. However if your broker is good and you are still finding yourself losing then I suggest you spend more time on demo. Demo trading and live trading are similar but still a lot different. So you need to learn to manage your emotions in a more level headed manner

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