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High leverage = High risk?

Apr 02 at 07:37
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LukeRachel posted:
Higher leverage is very risky but how much leverage I will use usually depends on the investment. If I want to select low leverage with a small deposit, it will be very difficult for me. I have to select leverage with a good deposit.

Wouldn’t higher leverage with a higher deposit entail an even higher risk :)

Apr 02 at 07:38
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vanzadorbey posted:
If anyone has found a way to beat the market then you can even use 10000x leverage. If you haven't then you will loose your money...

Test yourself open a demo account out of 30 trades if you don't loose. Then use the highest leverage...

Ya I agree with testing out on n number of trades on demo account first

Jul 26 at 17:11
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A demo is the best place to learn all the basics of forex properly.

Freddy Taylor (Freddy4Taylor)
Aug 05 at 14:11
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I try to trade 1: 500
It seems to me that this is normal

Aug 06 at 09:24
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RobSchiz posted:
A demo is the best place to learn all the basics of forex properly.

Yes. Every new trader should practice on a demo account to improve their skills.

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