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how does heat map work ?

Oct 31 2019 at 09:19
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As mentioned above, do not use it as a tool to help you.trade.

Mar 26 2020 at 07:27
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jaredtaylor posted:
Heat map is not a trading system nor an indicator. It doesn’t tell you when to buy or sell. It simply provides accurate information about what market participants are doing. Bookmap’s heat maps may allow you to eliminate this problem. This can lead to a more profitable trading business.

Good explanation. Thanks!

Oct 07 at 15:29
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The heat map is a kind of currency strength indicator.

Oct 07 at 20:33
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I also agree. It gives just simple information about the market.

Oct 10 at 01:31
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Heatmaps collect data from websites. The dark-to-light scale indicates which areas of the page are more clicked or which content is more attention grabbing.

Oct 10 at 08:20
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I really hope that such questions are asked by newbies, and not by experienced market participants.

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