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How true is High leverage = High risk?

Jul 04 at 19:18
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Cordawield posted:
The risk does not depend on the size of the leverage, it depends on your skill.

Yes. But taking too much leverage is a bit risky move from a skillful trader.

Jul 10 at 01:44
547 комментариев
High leverage means high risk. Try to avoid that risk if you are a new trader.

Jul 10 at 04:53
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I work with leverage, the size of which is 1: 1000, and I can say that I do not consider this to be the maximum risk and some kind of thoughtless step, this, on the contrary, is exactly what makes it possible to really earn on such scheme.

Sep 05 at 13:35
571 комментариев
High leverage always contains high risk. However, it can be reduced.

Sep 06 at 08:07
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Yes high leverage means high risk. That's why every trader should have a risk management plan. Otherwise he won't be able to stay in the market.

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