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I just realised that trading is easy but we stand in the way of growing.

Oct 15 at 19:35
12 комментариев
One can state that trading activity is really easy and I can't not to agree with this point. It becomes easy as soon as you gain some knowledge and experience in this field. Until you don't start trading it seems to very difficult and you think that it's almost impossible to make money here, however it's not like that. I always advice such people who always doubt that they need to try and only then they can make conclusions towards trading. Moreover, if you will lose your money on your initial stage, then it's okay, never give up and everything will be okay. I am tend to suppose like that actually.

Oct 19 at 12:39
7 комментариев
You said it is need accept your emotions. But it is not so easy. It is easy when you get profit. But after first loss, second loss etc. You will change your mind. That is what I think.

Oct 19 at 13:33
485 комментариев
Trading has never been an easy option to work with. As for me, it is rather the opposite - trading is a rather difficult option for work.

Oct 22 at 05:23
3 комментариев
I think the problem you might be facing is not knowing when to buy/sell and which trading symbols or platform works for you.

Oct 22 at 11:19
355 комментариев
I would not jump to conclusions that trading is an easy option to work with. This is far from what it might seem.

Oct 29 at 12:04
19 комментариев
This growth was in trading always actually. If we look at the graphics of all tech companies in the world, not only tech actually, we can see that all of them show stable growth on the 10 years graphic. Thus, it can't sharply drop down in my opinion. Everything is growing because economics are growing too. Hence, the best way to earn money on this growth is just to join trading activity I think. Never doubt that something might go wrong. If you consider investing, for example, then nowadays is a good opportunity to start investing, because companies grow pretty fast, up to 20-40% per year. The vast majority of companies want to grow, hence their stocks grow too.

Oct 29 at 16:08
485 комментариев
Trading is far from an easy way to work. This conclusion is best made before the trader loses money.

Oct 30 at 17:12
355 комментариев
I would not say that trading is easy. It is not easy, but if you have experience of work, the result can be much better.

Oct 31 at 09:26
485 комментариев
Guys, I'm just keeping you safe. Forex is far from the easiest option to work with. Many who think so in the end may not get the most positive result of the work.

Nov 20 at 16:39
6 комментариев
Trading is easy only in case of proper learning and practicing. There are no easy activities in our world, all of them require some experience and skills. Actually, if you will think that it's easy it can be pretty useful for your results in trading.
Anyway, traders should seriously approach to trading activity and it doesn't matter what direction does the price take nowadays.
Even if there is a strong bullish trend on particular asset, it doesn't mean that you should open only bull positions. You should calculate and analyze everything before opening a position. So, only if you will learn and practice properly, you can gain results.

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