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Is demo trading enough before real account?

Aug 31 at 07:51
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Williamfreed posted:
Demo trading is necessary for every trader before real trading because demo trading will help you a lot to gain experience and you can test your strategy.

Demo trading is the best place to learn and practice.

Aug 31 at 10:25
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Demo trading is important before live trading to understand the forex market and familiarize the broker's software platforms, but demo alone cannot make you well experience.

Trading live with lower capital and taking certain risks is also important to build new skills and grow forex knowledge to make consistent profits.

Aug 31 at 11:43
338 комментариев
For me, this is the only option if a trader wants to be successful in this industry.

Aug 31 at 11:53
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I used a demo account first off and forums to get advice from others

Emma Marie (reillygirl90)
Aug 31 at 12:50
3 комментариев
Demoing first is a wise decision and i still use demo to modify my strategy

Aug 31 at 13:44
283 комментариев
demo account is of course good, but there is still a lot to understand and learn, theory is also important

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