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Is demo trading enough before real account?

May 13 at 15:54
22 комментариев
The demo trading is a helpful tool to learn about live forex trades, but it also requires knowledge, focus, strategy and risk-taking skills to enter live trading because demo is risk-free. It can only give you a risk-free practical experience, but real emotions and risks are involved when trading live.

May 14 at 13:34
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I wouldn't say demo trading is enough before opening a real account to trade live, but it is one of the main aspects of learning about forex live markets because the demo account helps a beginner familiarise with the market movement and its trading platform software.

Piplaws (Piplaws)
May 26 at 08:23
27 комментариев
It is good that you started with a demo account instead of going for the live one directly. Maybe you can practice for a while before trading with your real money. Good luck to you.

May 26 at 10:55
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it's a good thing to test the strategy in demo, and after you are used to the strategy open an real account 😄

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.
May 27 at 12:11
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Faujinn posted:
When starting practice on a demo account, do not forget that you must continue learning.

True, there are many sources available on youtube and forex trading books, from other traders as well.

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