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New in forex trading

Jan 06 at 11:09
718 комментариев
risk is everywhere in Forex its a very common thing , there is no one who can deny but if you have proper money and risk management then within a very short time you can bring good amount of profit from here.  

Jan 07 at 07:51
364 комментариев
if this is your first trading history that means you are completely new, dont mistake as like other beginner , mostly beginners kick off trading with emotions, you will never do at all.

Jan 07 at 11:10
718 комментариев
for newcomers Forex is really different business then others ,
 hope you will enjoy the volatile environment, just one request never give up when making losses.

OctaProfit (OctaProfit)
Jan 07 at 11:44
3 комментариев
We have built a platform to help investors copy top and experienced traders with a verified track record.

Feb 05 at 08:26
30 комментариев
The Forex market is really a very interesting field of activity, where you can learn a lot of useful and interesting things, make good profits, and also reveal hidden qualities in yourself.

Feb 05 at 11:57
102 комментариев
For traders who are new to this market, planning and practice are a must, after they are done with the knowledge part. Do not rush, just give it your 100% with patience.

Mar 06 at 10:19
23 комментариев
If you have no knowledge about the market, I suggest you understand how things work there and then open a live trading account. Good luck.

Mar 10 at 06:16
16 комментариев
Since you are completely new to trading, I suggest you start reading books or take courses about how to begin. This will give you a good idea and you can move forward in the learning process.

Mar 10 at 07:57
886 комментариев
as a newcomer , learning Forex now already easy actually because many source we can learn and read from these sources , yes pips is almost popular website among trader to learn Forex on school tab section , but also will very important while learn on theory also use demo account to practice .

Mar 10 at 10:35
718 комментариев
actually making profit is not a big deal in Forex trading , the main things in there to keep consistent level which is the main challenge . anyone can make profit by one or two times.

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