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Oct 07 2022 at 10:25
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No, not at all. scalping is not easy.. it depends upon person-to-person trading strategy in what type is he/she comfortable and rests depends upon their experience and daily market study, how well are they aware of.
Oct 07 2022 at 12:33
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Oct 12 2022 at 09:43
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Scalping can be the easiest strategy when you have a quick exit strategy and have control over your emotions. But it’s best for the traders who have some hang of the market.
Oct 12 2022 at 14:31
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To make profit using scalping 3 important things need to be put in place:
1.Tight Spread: The broker Mt4 account which you are using must be having very tight spread including commissions. Otherwise, spreads will eat all profits.

2.Limited trading time per day: In stead of being greedy, it is important for the trader to fix his trading time either during London session or NewYork session and irrespective of profits or losses, he needs to avoid trading for the rest of the day. Just trade for a few hours every day for scalping and exit after that time period.

3.Semi-Automated trading system: Even small price movements matter during scalping and so manually clicking on Buy, Sell or close button may not work always. The trading needs to be handled by any regular scalping EA which can place BUY, SELL orders, apply stoploss, trailing stop etc based on a standard scalping system and the trader can close trades sometimes if necessary. In this way, stoploss, take profit and trailing stop will be automatically placed for every trade and the trader can just close the trades sometimes if he has already made good profit for a day. Then, exit trading for the day.

These 3 things will boost the scalping trading profit irrespective of any scalping strategy used for trading.
Oct 13 2022 at 11:01
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Oct 13 2022 at 11:48
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right now i am avoiding scalping and looking for reliable a long time trading approach , actually any kind of short time approach contains huge amount of risk.
Oct 13 2022 at 12:06
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Actually, forex market itself doesn't care about terminology usually used by typical traders like scalping, day trading, swing trading, high frequency trading etc. Forex market doesn't follow the trader, but the trader needs to adjust his strategy based on change of forex market conditions to maintain his trading performance while sticking into some basic principles of forex trading and his tested trading strategy to continue to make profit and limit the losses while keeping the learning process on.

For example, there are strategies which will place 3 to 4 trades per week or sometimes a month and the trader may get bored and make wrong decisions while trade entry or exit. Same way while using scalping, due to greed the trader might over trade to make profit and might loose all his profits and enter into loss.

So best practice is to maintain a balance between number of trades per day, drawdown %, stoplosses and maximum order holding time etc which can match to the trader's trading psychology and profit/loss expectations which must match with reality of forex market behavior. So me and my team prefer to use a mixed strategy using machine learning or Artificial Intelligence which can work like a combination of scalper and day trader based market conditions at a current time so that you don't get bored of no trades a day or you don't over trade.
Oct 19 2022 at 08:13
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Scalping is a method of trading focused on taking advantage of rapid and small price fluctuations to generate quick and small profits. Because many small losses go unnoticed and become noticeable after the total loss becomes big, therefore, a well-thought-out exit strategy and keeping the track of all the trade is essential for successful scalping.
Oct 19 2022 at 08:40
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really thanks for make sure a nice post with great level of detail. got some fine lines.
Oct 19 2022 at 09:11
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AdomKutler posted:
right now i am avoiding scalping and looking for reliable a long time trading approach , actually any kind of short time approach contains huge amount of risk.

if you doing comfortable with scalping so why moving on other trading strategies ?
Oct 20 2022 at 07:36
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Scalping can be highly profitable if you have the right knowledge and tools to use in your advantage against the forex market. Also, scalping can be boring sometimes if you are trading actively and you can't trade all the time when there is no market volatility is to even recover the spread also. If you trade, then you will most likely end up in losses.

Also, while using scalping you need to patient sometimes since one loss might wipe out a large chunk of profits and so you need to avoid aggressive trading to recover losses quickly. The account might hold in break even without much profits or losses even while using a good scalping strategy and you need to be patient during those times.

Me personally using mainly scalping(90%) only along with a combination of day trading strategy and quite successful so far, but not all the time. But it is achieved after practicing, learning and trading for more than 15 years of trading. Mastering scalping is not easy, but if you have the right tools, then it can fast forward your learning process.
Oct 20 2022 at 08:21
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this is a complete message about scalping , thanks for nice post. got some fine lines.
Oct 20 2022 at 09:38
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i dont think so scalping is easy after having good trading plan. did huge losses when using this . so i do not prefer scalping for any kind of beginners level.
Oct 25 2022 at 07:20
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A lot of traders make profits out of scalping. It can be an easy and profitable strategy when you practise it well. To scalp, you must understand the market dynamics well enough. As beginner traders are not versed in market dynamics, they only know the market's surface. As a result, scalping is a bad idea for them, imo.
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