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Trading Psychology

Jul 05 at 13:16
658 комментариев
Control your emotion no matter what happens in the market.

Jul 22 at 07:13
33 комментариев
Being emotional or overthinking while trading can lead to disastrous results. Regardless of the conditions of market and trade, emotions should have no place in the same.

Jul 22 at 11:29
41 комментариев
Thanks for sharing. I agree that the way you let your mind think needs to be controlled as otherwise it will affect your actions negatively. This is something that many traders fail to do and the main reason which leads to losses. You have to be as rational and careful as you can when trading.

Jul 24 at 07:47
477 комментариев
Trading psychology is a very difficult thing. It should be immediately understood that in the psychological plane, trading is a very difficult process.

Jul 24 at 08:46
446 комментариев
SofieAndreasen posted:
Control your emotion no matter what happens in the market.

This is the most important thing.

Jul 27 at 11:21
13 комментариев
Your strategy should drive your investment, not your past experiences or emotions

Jul 28 at 07:48
13 комментариев
Trading is all about being practical and calculative. Your emotions, thoughts, and fear may act as a roadblock to your success. Make sure you keep hold on to your emotions and bring your strategies in action

Jul 31 at 14:42
11 комментариев
I tend to suppose that trading psychology is one of the main things in trading activity at all, because literally everything depends on psychology. Basically, it's the same in real life. In real life if you wake up with a goo mood and positive thoughts then your day will be great. As soon as you sit down in fron of your computer/laptop/smartphone and think of trading activity you have to set up yourself positively. If you have a bad day then think of it like about experience and setup yourself on the next day like 'today is bad, however i'm sure that tomorrow will be the great day'. In my opinion, it works like that.

Jul 31 at 17:42
640 комментариев
Try to control your emotion in trading. Especially new traders fail to do that.

Aug 02 at 08:43
624 комментариев
Only good trading knowledge cannot brings profit regularly. Besides trading knowledge you have to focus on money and risk management which is the key to success in Forex trading.

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