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What is Forex Trader Basic Framework?

Sep 06 at 09:45
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Getting knowledge and skills are the key. No one has even been successful without knowledge and skills. If by chance he wins a big profit, he will lose it later.

Reece Rispoli (reece22)
Sep 06 at 19:56
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tts_markets posted:
Hi Friends

Its my point views are focuses on one central concept within the strategy framework: trade with odds. To do so, over multiple periods, we must analyze a variety of techniques in deciding if a specific company should be taken. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this is not a mechanical/automatic trading system; rather, it is a system that gives you technical information and makes a decision. It is important to find circumstances in which all (or most) technical signals point in the same direction. In addition, these highly likely trade conditions would usually be favorable.

Thank you


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