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What is a proper risk of ruin percent on myfxbook?

Dec 28 2020 at 04:54
26 комментариев
I can't really say if that ratio is okay or not but if you keep your focus on proper risk management, you will be just fine.

Dec 28 2020 at 19:28
318 комментариев
Forex is the platform where you can earn a big amount of money. But to earn money you need to have proper knowledge and experience. Otherwise, you will lose all your money in this market.

Feb 03 at 01:55
298 комментариев
I think money management and risk management can only keep investments safe.

Mar 19 at 06:51
450 комментариев
Market doesn’t respond same in all. Some certain time zone always market become less volatile on the other hand become more volatile. Find the most suitable time table for your trading style.

Oct 03 at 14:36
647 комментариев
Control your risk otherwise, you will not survive long.

Oct 03 at 14:46
664 комментариев
I use a maximum of 5% risk per trade and my risk-reward ratio is 1:3.

Nov 20 at 15:45
14 комментариев
The optimum option for risk management practice is to open a position with no more than 5% from your total deposit. Moreover, you have to use sl and tp in order to reduce risks during trading. Guess that the best ratio is 1:3. It affords you to earn money and not to lose it actually. Nevertheless, everybody decides by himself which risk percentage to choose. There are some traders who open position with 20-30% from their total deposit and it's very risky.
Anyway, you have to be acquinted with the theory of risk management and money management practices in order to understand their mechanics.

Nov 26 at 16:11
124 комментариев
SofieAndreasen posted:
I use a maximum of 5% risk per trade and my risk-reward ratio is 1:3.

I think that even 5% is a lot for transactions

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