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What is your trading strategy ?

M (albhidel)
Aug 27 at 08:59
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Mohammadi posted:
The trading strategy is really important to make profit with consistency. Basically according to our trading understanding we the traders have to select our trading strategies. It would be really great if we choose the broker which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used , the traders who are scalpers have to choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.

Previously, eight years ago, I was trading manually, and all strategies, types of trading and technical analysis were tried, but I still lost, and then I decided to develop and deal with a robot to trade my trades.
I am getting good profits from it so far, thank God

Aug 27 at 11:07
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Usually I try to work out strategists for working on a demo account of the Amarkets broker. This option seems to me the most reliable.

Aug 31 at 14:03
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I try to use different strategies in my work, this way it turns out more efficiently in terms of profit, and it is more interesting for myself

Sep 08 at 17:29
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JoanAmallah posted:
FXTrader1983 posted:
I suggest trading the trend personally. I use several different time frames as well as several different indicators that must much up in order to determine the trend change. I developed an EA that does just that.

Hi, could you share the EA you developed to help me in trading please? Do you use it to monitor and notify or you could also program your EA to act upon the opportunities available?

Unfortunately, I have spent a very very long time developing this EA and it is not one that I am willing to sell nor share. There is a lot to the system and it is extremely complex. It is fully automated based off of my personal trading and I don't worry about it at all which is exactly what I wanted. You can go to the 'General' in which you are able to read about it and subscribe if you will. As you can see, it does not do a lot of trades but the trades are much more accurate. And unlike 99.9% of all systems out there, it does not trade in hopes that the market is going to come back in your favor because it trades with the trend and this is why you see all those systems blow their accounts. I also will not increase lot size until I triple my account. You may not make a ton of money super fast, but your risk is next to none. I've seen a lot of systems that claim to be incredibly amazing and have made lots of money very fast because they increase the lot sizes so fast only to see that account blown up with everything being lost in a matter of days, or even a day. Trading is a marathon, not a sprint!

Sep 12 at 14:15
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pretty interesting options can be taken from the topic, well done guys

Sep 18 at 08:24
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the success of any kind of trading strategy depends on your money management , so we the traders should develop our money management first of all.

Sep 18 at 09:41
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right now i am going with scalping that bring profit in a short time , feeling very good but sometimes i fall a great trouble , honestly speaking , it causes huge risk maximum time after having good money management.

Sep 18 at 12:35
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the result from any kind of trading strategy its all about short time approach , nothing permanent at all there is.

Sep 18 at 19:51
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Davidfx89 posted:
the result from any kind of trading strategy its all about short time approach , nothing permanent at all there is.

Yes. You are right.

Oct 03 at 12:27
643 комментариев
Personally I like price action. Price action with volume charts, I do my trading. I won't say it's best. But you enough patience for this.

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