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Scalping Edition Risk 15% (By HollandTrader )

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Scalping Edition Risk 15% Обсуждение

Oct 22 2020 at 20:47
1 комментариев
1. Can the EA do 1 minute scalping with small Take profit of 2pip?
2. Can you set it to trade only at certain times?
3. What's its success rate?...i take about 300-1000 trades a day

Oct 26 2020 at 05:41
42 комментариев
It does not seem to be that risky a strategy for a demo. It is good that you decided to share it with others too.

Oct 26 2020 at 06:25
39 комментариев
What you see on a demo account is never what you get when you go live.

HollandTrader (kasparsvas16)
Oct 26 2020 at 10:10
281 комментариев
Leonardo Cainca (LeonardoCainca)
Nov 13 2020 at 10:19
1 комментариев
kasparsvas16 posted:
1. no it not use any risky strategy
2. it was demo yes.
3. it is fully auto
4. i not make it private, i delete it and leave on my profile just last version of expert advisor trading.
5. why i need keep it just for me, i want to help peoples like me who was lost they money on forex, all income of selling, just for promoting website and youtube channel.

'I want to help peoples', obviously making millions. Why spending money on 'THINGS' when you can buy at only 120€ your treasure?!

Dec 01 2020 at 07:14
37 комментариев
Thanks for sharing the system. I would like to get trading signals from you.

HollandTrader (kasparsvas16)
Dec 01 2020 at 10:56
281 комментариев
CanoeMussy posted:
Thanks for sharing the system. I would like to get trading signals from you.

sorry we not provide trading signals, i just sell my own EA

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