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Accelerated Savings - Alpha 4.5 (By kickasstrader )

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Accelerated Savings - Alpha 4.5 Обсуждение

kickasstrader (kickasstrader)
Jan 13 at 04:28
18 комментариев

AlphaPro 4.7 is now out and I am running it on my accounts. Here's what I will say, you must activate the equity protection features and have a solid equity protection strategy. I now have this in place.

If you want to check it out, I would recommend trying it for a month on a demo. Here's my link if you want to do that for one account. Hit me up to get help with the setup if you do decide to try it.


Jan 13 at 10:08
136 комментариев
I dont think so, why would anyone be interested in a losing account with 93% draw down ??

Feb 05 at 03:56
18 комментариев
Pretty impressive system you have here. Thanks for sharing.

Mar 04 at 12:19
5 комментариев
1:300 is a good leverage and I use it too for my trades. Anyway, you can improve your system by adding some features to it.

Mar 16 at 04:43
13 комментариев
The system looks alright but It could really use some information. Do you mind sharing? Thank you.

Mar 24 at 11:54
11 комментариев
You can try and use a better strategy to get profitable results on your system. Good luck to you.

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