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Artificial General Intelligence V.6.1 (By leo23 )

Прирост +6.6M%
Просадка 35.24%
Пункты: 14195.7
Сделки 8954
Тип Демо
Плечо: 1:200
Торговля Автоматизированный


Nov 01 2018 at 09:02
566 сообщений
ovisun posted:
Please try it on a real account, demo accounts are just dreams which may or may not become reality

Yes. You are somewhat correct.

But it is not always the the fault of the system which fails in real account, but 99% of the times it is the way the real price feeds are manipulated by the broker individually for individual accounts in all most all so called as regulated ECN brokers who claim to be and we have enough experience in this to figure out such things.

So we don't do any such mistakes in running any of our EA directly in a LIVE account, but most of the times we use a trade copier to copy from demo account to live account which we will do for this EA as well in very near future.

But this system is more sensitive to any changes of any type and hence, the project is still under supervision and development and once we achieve a relatively high pip expectancy of 8 to 10 pips per trade, then we will launch a live account for this system.

Nov 01 2018 at 10:08
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Nov 05 2018 at 13:23
566 сообщений
In this post, we will discuss the usage of right stoploss and how we handle stoploss in our system.

In any trading system using the right value of stoploss often determines the success of the trading system. For example, using no stoploss or very large stoploss can give very good results in short period of time, but ultimately creates the possibility of wiping out the whole account balance at anytime.

But what is the right value of stoploss to use is a difficult question to answer and there in no general answer for it. The stoploss depends mainly on 3 things:
1.The time frame in which the trading system is run
2.The type of trading system it is and the number of trades it places per day on average
3.Amount of risk it takes per trade

In our system, we have opened up the possibility to use the system in any timeframe and one additional higher timeframe as filter to the trading signals. So based on which timeframe we use accordingly we set the stoploss.

For a H1 timeframe it is recommended to use a stoploss between 30 pips to 40 pips on average and for a H4 timeframe it should be anywhere between 50 pips to 60 pips.

Nov 05 2018 at 15:20
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This looks interesting, but why are you hiding balance / trade history ? I'd be curious to see how this is trading :)

Nov 05 2018 at 16:29
566 сообщений
bmigette posted:
This looks interesting, but why are you hiding balance / trade history ? I'd be curious to see how this is trading :)

Well, we never shared any such details of any of our previous trading systems to anyone so far and same is applicable for this one also. That is like our first principle as not to display anything to others other than the performance of the system.

Regarding how it trades, it is impossible to figure it out even while watching live trades on chart, because it uses neural network. So it is useless to analyse such things from trade history unless if someone is trying to create a fake or duplicate version of our EA for resell which obviously we don't allow to happen.

Nov 09 2018 at 16:30
566 сообщений
This week we have tested the system with different timeframes to know how it performs. So far it seems to work best in H1 timeframe with a stoploss of around 30 Pips.

Soon we may start testing the system in a small live account. We tried to increase the pips expectancy in this account with current settings, but it doesn't seem to increase and hence, either we will directly run the system in a small live account or we may try to copy trades from a different demo account to a live account.

In case if we will use it directly in a live account, then we have to use machine learning along with the neural network, because simple neural networks are very sensitive to slight price changes which happen in live accounts and sometimes done intentionally by forex brokers.

Nov 14 2018 at 22:23
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Now it seems we have perfectly fine tuned the settings for the H1 timeframe and ready to move to a live account. We have done some minor changes to the code to improve the visual representation of EA settings displayed on MT4 chart.

Mainly this week we were tweaking the settings to best fit with the H1 timeframe and these are applied to the current account and the results seem to improve.

Last we week we have done the major changes in adding multiple activation functions to each individual layer of neural network so that a particular layer will use a separate activation function to filter out the BUY or SELL signals. So in the final layer it will completely erase the market noise and produce a perfect bur or sell signal as if a professional human trader will do.

Not only that the key secret of the system is the perfect timing of the exit. This will be available only for the EA users to fine tune the exits even better.

Nov 15 2018 at 03:33
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Congrats on the great profit results and very low drawdown. Be good if you could open up any of the stats info for us, to give us some more insights.

After you start it on a live account, be great if you could offer it as a signal.

Nov 15 2018 at 07:07
422 сообщений
I would also like to see you offering this as a signal.

Nov 15 2018 at 08:27
566 сообщений
bonco_gordo posted:
Congrats on the great profit results and very low drawdown. Be good if you could open up any of the stats info for us, to give us some more insights.

After you start it on a live account, be great if you could offer it as a signal.

We have already responded to such a query above in this thread. We never shared any such account details like trade history etc of our accounts to others for any of our previous systems and we maintain the same for all our systems as well. This is like our first principle of operation as not to disclose any such details to public except the EA performance.

Also, in this EA trade history will not give any clue at all since the algorithm uses neural networks.

Regarding signal service we are not sure whether we will make it available or not. Because it has been around 2 months and we received only 2 requests from traders so far for signal service. It doesn't make any sense for us to provide signals for 2 to 3 subscribers who can simply leave at anytime and we don't have time to work on such things which doesn't last long term.

If we will receive at least 20 to 30 requests from traders, then we may consider offering it for signals.

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