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Artificial General Intelligence V.7.0 (By leo23 )

Прибыль : +274.02%
Просадка 12.12%
Пипс: 1118.3
Сделки 377
Тип: Демо
Кредитное плечо: 1:200
Трейдинг: Автоматически

Artificial General Intelligence V.7.0 Обсуждение

Jan 29 2021 at 18:24
631 комментариев
Just a reminder for all that this algo is available now in zulutrade to copy the trades.

In order to copy trades from zulutrade, please use the below link:

This week we have made around +8.71% profit in that account.
Feb 02 2021 at 17:27
631 комментариев
Today our algo has made around 4% in the PAMM account at Hotforex as well as in the zulutrade trade copy service.

This is the same MT4 account which is linked to Hotforex PAMM and zulutrade.

In order to copy trades from zulutrade, please use the below link:

Hotforex PAMM Link:

Like we mentioned before this algo requires high account balance like 10K, 20K or more to maintain a reasonable drawdown %. We have just multiplied the risk 5 to 10 times to make it work with a 2K balance and hence, the drawdown % can be high as high as 50% to 70% or more.
Feb 09 2021 at 18:26
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Feb 09 2021 at 18:33
631 комментариев
Sooriya posted:
What EA are you using?

This is not a MT4/MT5 EA. This is a machine learning algo running on API and connected to MT4 account through copier. This algo was developed by our team.
Feb 09 2021 at 18:43
18 комментариев
Feb 09 2021 at 18:58
631 комментариев
Sooriya posted:
Where can I get this algo?
Our algo is not available for sale and technically it can't be sold. The algo is only available for fund management.

If you are a retail investor starting with 2K to 100K to invest, then you can invest in either one of the below 2 options. You can invest in hotforex PAMM or copy trades in zulutrade.

You can join the Hotforex PAMM through the below Link:

In order to copy trades from zulutrade, please use the below link:

If you want to invest more than 100K, then you can contact our support email '[email protected]' for direct fund management in our servers. You need to meet all our terms of service to invest with us directly and only our team contact tell you the detailed terms of service if you contact our email.
Mar 11 2021 at 04:01
25 комментариев
This demo looks okay and it would be great if you could provide some additional information about it please.
Mar 11 2021 at 22:15
58 комментариев
triciawilsonn posted:
This demo looks okay and it would be great if you could provide some additional information about it please.

The problem is it's been a consistent money loser since last July. 'What have you done for me lately?'
Mar 17 2021 at 03:48
19 комментариев
This demo has potential and the results on this are also good.
Mar 25 2021 at 10:42
38 комментариев
I would like to know more about your system if you could share it here please. Thanks.
ali asadi (aliasadi)
Mar 25 2021 at 18:43
11 комментариев
Mar 26 2021 at 10:31
15 комментариев
I have to say that this demo looks great. Thanks.
tpgreen (tpgreen)
Mar 28 2021 at 11:28
6 комментариев
I think this system very very old and no update no more develop to next generation
AI. now upgrade to new version
but this system looking to drawdown and not make profit anymore
now market change to after pandemic nit AI. not change, may be death
no more information and open to transparent possible scam
may be this is very old training AI. no update is death
next generation Ai. is reinforcement trade AI.

Mar 29 2021 at 06:46
631 комментариев
Dear Myfxbook users,

Sorry for no reply to comments. We were busy with the updates of the AI. While dealing with AI or AGI or ASI, it can go either way, it means it can go boom or burst. It can make consistent and massive profits or it can wipe out whole balance and both are possible, because AI trades just like a human being. So one minor bug can collapse the system, however, after the pandemic even though the system entered into a loosing cycle, but it has not lost everything.

Next, our AGI system trades just like a human trader, but only with the trained data of last 15 to 20 years and it was not able to handle with new data and market conditions. After the pandemic and recent changes in market conditions, we found out many drawbacks or bugs in the system by which the AI used to get confused during unknown markets and enters into loosing cycle.

By now, we hope we have already fixed most of it and now only time will tell if any more improvements is required or not. But it will take time to recover the loss which has happened due to the loosing cycle of last 2 to 3 months.

Now, the algo has been upgraded to much more advanced level. But that doesn't mean it can't loose, rather it means it will simply continue to make consistent profits in long run even after recovering the losses which it has been doing for many years.

Also, we are offering services to only large investors with starting balance of 100 K or more. However, myfxbook seems to be mainly crowded with retail investors and hence, now a days we are avoiding myfxbook posts.

Finally, if any large investor with starting balance of 100K or more wants to invest he can directly contact to our email '[email protected]'
Louis Larson (LouisLarson)
Sep 29 2021 at 17:16
18 комментариев
It is immediately clear that the system is fraudulent and not created for earnings! Explain why she is in the top of the discussions?
Riyadh Bhuyian (zzzTraders)
Jan 27 at 11:02
43 комментариев
Today I was on a forum reading how do other traders use indicators.
I found a programmer who coded and indicator that he called:

Volatility quality nrp - Stridsman 2 & alerts (mtf + arrows).mq4 !!!

My question is 'Who will use a tool with this name?'

Most of people today do not think of their trading tools.
They simply trade the color of the indicator without thinking about the formula behind those colors.

Also a lot of programmers think that they are technical analysts, while most of them don't know how to draw trend lines correctly.

Being honest is such environment is something very hard but needed.
Jan 27 at 14:47
164 комментариев
In case anyone didnt open there eyes, the draw down on this demo account is at 55%, and the equity curve goes from almost +10 million down to 4,500,000 or less than half which is where the DD comes in.

Its a demo account which means that the reulsts are pretty much meaningless. Just tyhink about it for one minute, if you had an EA that could get anywhere near these results, would you not be trading it on a live account , the answer would be an outstanding YES !! I would saty away from this crap because you will only lose your money.
Sep 19 at 07:27
631 комментариев
Hello Myfxbook users,

It was really a tough time for our system for last couple of months and almost a year or more we guess. So we just kept the system active by placing a couple of manual trades until we fix the problem of the AGI system.

So finally we have resumed the system completely and we don't see any looking back on that. But the results will never be the same it used to be before in terms of % of monthly return since markets have changed dramatically in recent times, but we are expecting the win % of trades and profit pips per trade to be similar to the previous approach.

The biggest disadvantage of this AI system is that it can't be back tested like ordinary mechanical trading systems or regular machine learning algos since it doesn't use traditional machine learning algos which are usually published in other forums. So it's not easy to fix any problem or improve the system if something goes wrong. So the only way is to do forward testing.

Also, it is very much clear that currently world doesn't have sufficient computing power at the current time to actually run a real AI system in forex trading similar to GPT-3 of Open AI or MuZero of Google DeepMind etc to beat the forex market over night. However, we have used a similar approach to imitate the AI behavior to closely resemble a professional human trader which should be able to run in a standard dedicated server after a basic training is done without the need for a super computer to run the AI. So we have done the best possible in forex market and the available technology for now.

Only future results will tell how everything goes. We will continue to monitor the results and myfxbook posts as well and will improve the algo if necessary. Now, we are going very slow with very low risk to start with and slowly over the coming months we will increase the risk in the account if the results will be consistent over the coming months.

Finally, now we are open to medium term investors starting with 5K or 10K balance in a good forex broker and if anyone is seriously interested in investing in our algo, then he can contact us directly to our email '[email protected]'

Sep 22 at 09:06
631 комментариев
We just want to update that we have started and published a new myfxbook account to our profile with the updated version of the same algo using high risk to analyze the best performance of the algo and respective maximum drawdown % to achieve the results.

Due to some unknown reason our posts are not appearing and probably, posts are being rejected by myfxbook during moderation and so we are not posting the link here. Interested traders and investors can follow the system from our myfxbook profile page named 'AGI V.10.0'

We will continue to use low risk in this account for next few days or weeks before increasing the risk further based on the results.
Oct 07 at 13:30
631 комментариев
This is just a quick update to all that after many years of waiting we have successfully created a functioning MT4 forex robot using the same machine learning algo. Most of the training data is hard coded inside the MQL4 coding and no additional training is required for at least next couple of years.

Many features have been handcrafted and not trained to avoid unnecessary delay in trade execution. The EA will trade independently in each MT4 account based on past trade history, profits, losses pips using the imbedded trained data and handcrafted features using some special mathematical functions. We have not used trailing stop in any of the previous versions, but this version we have used a very tight trailing stop to maintain a very high level of accuracy.

Also, we are somewhat confident on the results after the latest updates and hence, we have increased the risk in the account and removed the previous test account. This was the original account and so we will continue to trade in the same account to see how quickly it recovers the losses it made in last few months or a year.

Interested traders can continue to monitor our myfxbook account and for more details , contact our support email '[email protected]'.
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