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Fury Live Account FOREXcom (By Pay10)

Прибыль : +127.19%
Просадка 6.67%
Пипс: 1634.7
Сделки 1456
Тип: Реальный
Кредитное плечо: 1:50
Трейдинг: Автоматически

Fury Live Account FOREXcom Обсуждение

OTheFuture (OTheFuture)
Sep 03 2019 at 21:32
53 комментариев
First initial impressions....clearly not native English speaking(not that that means anything). I've seen several of these before in other places. A little pricey.

I'm def pro good EA's but until this first investment pays for itself in full, I'm not looking to get another; however, this seems like a decent resource for potential good ones.

My main theory behind EAs is as an investment tool. Why let a few thousand dollars sit in a bank account and collect peanuts(small interest amounts) when it could be used to actually make money. Good EAs seem logical. I think FX Fury was a good investment.

How many EAs do you have right now? Do you own any of the ones you just linked?

Sep 04 2019 at 01:11
48 комментариев
I agree, mine Fury has paid off well for me so far, I want to put some of the money into another EA and see how it goes.

I have seen a few sites like this too, but idk if i trust it.

I found a website a long time ago that had like 40+ EAs, they were all cool but none worked. They did, however, get me interested in all this and helped me find FF. Now I want to look at buying another one, but I need to find one with some reviews or something. All the ones on that site look too good to be true. They all have made 500% in a little over a year. I mean I know I did that here haha but I don't trust people so seeing it is hard to believe especially since they have no reviews, and no one is talking about it on myFXbook. Their myFXbook page says it is a real account and its live trading, but not a single comment or anything about it.

Sep 04 2019 at 01:58
14 комментариев
Most of those big return bots are grid and martingale. They are huge risk of account blowout. A lot of times the owner of the EA will run it on different accounts then post the best account and often even turn off the EA once it gets good results so they don't show a big blowout that may come. For example I just lost $120 on a grid EA last week. If I hadn't turned it off it'd be in even bigger drawdown. That was 12% of a $1000 account lost in a couple of days with more that would have been lost if I didn't turn it off. You can run them but don't put them on a big account and risk losing it all. That's my opinion anyway.

Sep 04 2019 at 12:18
48 комментариев
@jjdenver thanks for that input. I usually check on martingale but not grid. What exactly is grid, I know about martingale.

A bunch of those EAs I got for free we're grid and martingale strategy.

What EAs do you own/run?

Sep 04 2019 at 12:48
48 комментариев
What VPS are you guys using? I think I want to switch. AWS is hard to use and it is laggy and I poay like $17+ a month.

Sep 04 2019 at 13:45
14 комментариев
just google grid trading - easier than having me try to explain it. The best EA's that I've run are fury, and flexea with conservative setfiles only most setfiles there are too risky. I run a few from ebay but so far none are impressive. There is a new one piranha from ebay that seems good on demo. I hear GPS is pretty good but not 100% sure. There are some on MQL5 store that I plan to test out as demos. good luck and you can join lastigeman discord i think we need more people there who are willing to share info with other aspiring robot traders. not yet enough analytical people unfortunately.

Sep 04 2019 at 17:59
14 комментариев
discord i'll let you know. i'm a bit unhappy with that discord because there are not enough channels created for what we need and a few other problems like spamming from marketers. i may create my own discord server.

about coinexx - not sure if you are aware but if you deposit $5k USD with them they give you free VPS - it's big enough to run 2 instances of MT4 - at least that's what I run - and it's at their server center I think so it's fast connection. Really a fast connection is a bit overrated. Fury won't perform better with 200ms server response vs 800ms server response imo. I am also using lqdfx - those seem to be 2 brokers with good spreads and low commission with ECN processing that have overall positive reviews.

OTheFuture (OTheFuture)
Sep 05 2019 at 16:53
53 комментариев
Gotcha. We can keep up the convo here.

Agreed on the speed thing, really, but given the choice of the middle of America or closer to the brokers servers...I personally want to be closer to them.

I didn't know that Coinexx gave a free VPS with a certain deposit amount, no. I actually was asking about perks for higher deposits via their chat the other day and they basically told me there were none. I'll look into that more. Thanks for the info. You'd think $5000 would get ya more than about 2 instances of MT4. I am running 8 currently on my VPS. Some longer term, some shorter term.

Whats your strategy thus far @jjdenver ? Or did you say already?

Sep 06 2019 at 02:30
48 комментариев
@OTheFuture @jjdenver

i use FOREX.com for my trades and Amazon Web Services for VPS. I fet charged about $17. What do your VPS's cost?

im still running the same pairs and time frame, it seems to trade for me usually around noon central I think. I will try to pay attention, or it could be 2pm central.

I have a discord I made for trading and video games but its virtually unused. if you guys want to jump in there we can hare and try to build it up. I think it is literally empty of people though so it could be a slow start.


OTheFuture (OTheFuture)
Sep 06 2019 at 15:14
53 комментариев
LorraineP posted:
I noticed mine took a trade for EuRUSD on MOnday, Labor Day, but yours didn't @Pay10. Did you close for the holidays?

Saw this question and not sure if it was answered but if your settings are different, like maybe, his 'Max spread' or 'max slippage' was different, that could be why.

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