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My thing (by JTRush)

Прирост: +437.7%
Просадка: 6.71%
Пункты: 1409.9
Сделки: 191
Тип: Реальный
Плечо: 1:200
Торговля: Неизвестно
Apr 29 2016 at 06:41
276 сообщений

I highly doubt it, but put your money where your mouth is and give us some sort of proof..
And wth is a rollover? That sounds like a term I heard before for a ponzi scheme, other than that, never ever heard of it in forex... Please enlighten us.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far..Go together..
Apr 29 2016 at 08:04
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Zoydfer (iPerez)
May 02 2016 at 06:48
13 сообщений
@trendfollowers now we all can see what kind of 'professional' you are in comparison to wom you pretend to be. OK, I will be glad to enlighten you. Rollover is sharing profit between PAMM investors after definite period of trading. Those withdrawals and deposits that you see in the system here take place after rollover. Good thing of you to be so much 'experienced' and to find out about it in forex for jsut the first time.

@gobias So you got scammed with this trader? Or you post just 4 posting here? Very interesting, you know. First know what d'you say.

May 03 2016 at 06:28
127 сообщений
@iPerez So a rollover is profitsharing? But that is all automated and takes a few minutes usually. This 'rollover period' still sounds like a load of hogwash to me - but I guess some do it like that. Thank you for the lesson.
We are still yet to see your proof of this money you could take after rollover. Or will this also only happen after the next one - or never, because I still believe you are talking tripe and you know it.
Yes, professional and experienced. You are absolutely right. Those words describe me, and 'really profitble', unlike your little operation here.

My accounts will ALWAYS show high DD. This is done purposely to maximize our withdrawals every week.
Zoydfer (iPerez)
May 03 2016 at 12:25
13 сообщений
@wiseinvest it can sound to you like whatever you want, but it doesn't change the meaning of this term. By the way, nice job, Mr. Trendfollowers 😂😂😁 I think you made a mistake using wrong additional account here. So in your opinion, for what verification is here on MFB? For doing a barrel roll? You can check history and see withdrawals there, one of them is my. So what exactly proof you want to see yet? my selfie with those money? Video record of me taking money from card? By the way, do you want a moon on a stick? You don't share systems of your main account (trendfollowers) and don't show history of withdrawals of this one, and who the halo are you to demand some evidences? You may or may not believe me just as you want, but I dont attack you with my doubts when you say that you are professional, do I? Because I see what kind of 'experienced professional self-vouching' trader you are. Again, you can believe whatever you love, you asked and I answered, thats it. I am not a parrot to repeat the same many times.

May 03 2016 at 14:53
127 сообщений

Nope, no mistake here. I intentionally did it so you could see what a real account looked like, fully verified and with real withdrawals - on a good and known broker.

You boast about money you could withdraw from his fantastic PAMM, so I challenge you to SHOW US THE WITHDRAWAL. Nothing else. You want bragging rights? Earn it!
At the moment if one goes to your profile there is not even an account linked, but you boast... ?

Let me educate you on my accounts.. I have one called trendfollowers for my manual system and wiseinvest for my EA. Yes, trendfollowers has some vouches and I passed one from trendfollowers to wiseinvest, but you are welcome to check. Never ever has one been used to promote the doings of another. The account was never created to take part in any of that kind of illegal activity - unlike what I have seen so many times. Even in this very thread.

To answer my involvement in this thread.. I read various threads every day, and rarely ever get involved. But when I see activity such as this going on I feel compelled to.. What we have here is a classic operation where newbies are expected to believe that this is an excellent system, that you could withdraw after rollover or something. Once again, you want masses to believe this, then prove it. Don't come make empty statements here and expect many believers..

Please let me not waste more time here than I already have - the next reply from you must be proof of your withdrawal.

My accounts will ALWAYS show high DD. This is done purposely to maximize our withdrawals every week.
Zoydfer (iPerez)
May 11 2016 at 06:43
13 сообщений
@wiseinvest I don't even mean to waste your time. Moreover, I don't even know who wants it more to waste one's time. At the moment, if you go to my profile and check my written posts, you will find out that I participated in broker discussions, which is impossible without a trading account linked to the profile here. I just don't share it because of no reason, but does it really disable my right to express my opinion? Secondly, all you do is just exaggerating and distorting meaning of my words. I boast about my money I have taken from this pamm? Do I really boast? Don't you miss something?.. As I have mentioned in my very first post of this thread, I just share my experience and want to bring clarity here, since I do cooperate in this pamm. Unlike you guys who say a lot about nothing. What right do you have to say that I boast afterall? And I don't want 'bragging rights' as you call it, I have just said that facts are more important than suspicions. For me, there is no need in 'many believers' or 'masses to believe this', I just share my opinion which is based on real experience. But if you consider that I am obliged to fight for the right from such an honorable diamond trader as you to share my experience, then I'd rather ignore your attacks. Your abominable insinuations insult me, and this is the truth. Thirdly, I just can't understand why do you say it for me - 'his fantastic pamm'. I post here only what I have experienced, and I don't mind bragging trader if he does good work with my money, but at the same time I have never said that this is a 'fantastic account'.

Ok I tried to visit your profile 'wiseinvest' and check your records that you classify as a 'real account'... I can say that I don't argue about reality of your accounts, one of which is fully unverified and both of them are without public trading history and new, and I can't see by which criteria they would be better than this one. You turn my words into sarcastic manner and demand some proof, but you talk a wide way off the topic and haven't shown any proof yourself, although you have tried to do it several times. So, Mr. Don't-dare-posting-anything-without-my-prior-permission, we are yet to clarify who comes here with empty statements. By no means I want to offend you, but all your involvement here boils down exactly to this.

But Ok, here comes screenshot of my personal cabinet with the information about transactions. If you want it so much, then get it!


May 11 2016 at 20:19
127 сообщений

Thank you for not wanting to waste my time. I really wish it were true though but here we are again.. Let me have my final say, after that I am unsubscribed from this topic and out of here..

You do realize that you could have avoided all this if you just read my first message to you and responded with sufficient proof.
I will quote it here, so you don't have to scroll up
'I highly doubt it, but put your money where your mouth is and give us some sort of proof..'
Let me explain to you how I see things happened here..

1)You claimed that you could withdraw after a 'rollover'
2)Then I said I don't buy it, prove it..
3)Iperez garbage reply
4)Wiseinvest counter
5)Iperez garbage reply
6)wiseinvest counter
7)Iperez produces his 'proof'
8)wiseinvest moves on..

Now you are ranting and raving about how poor and innocent you, just shared your experience and were 'attacked'. You brought this on yourself, you could have avoided all this by just giving your 'proof'.

Oh , and let me waste more time by again educating you on my accounts.. The main one 10-15% is run by me, therefore fully verified...The client accounts start with'client.....' I only have the master passwords for, not the investor passwords - I never bothered obtaining them from clients to verify their accounts - I only want to use them for the client to track and for me to analyze here.

As for the history that is closed, I have mentioned it before somewhere, but will gladly again.. Reverse-engineering is real..And it happened a few times here. I do not want to be a victim of such an activity and will rather open my history to a prospective clients for a few minutes upon request.

My accounts will ALWAYS show high DD. This is done purposely to maximize our withdrawals every week.
Oliver (JTRush)
May 17 2016 at 12:51
17 сообщений
I am back and already can devote more time to trading. Let's hunt strong movements!

Oliver (JTRush)
May 18 2016 at 19:51
17 сообщений
Well, it was sleepless but pleasant night. Good luck in trading!

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