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TFX (By BrianHarris96 )

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TFX Обсуждение

Mar 24 at 07:32
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lorilivingston posted:
This manual system seems to have some potential. Good work with this.

Thanks mate.
It's not purely manual system.
It based on our Tendency Forex System, but will make decision manually with fundamental analysis or correlation analysis.
Have a nice day,

Mar 24 at 07:39
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mattslater posted:
I prefer manual systems too, it kind of gives me better control of my system. Anyway, your manual system looks great too.

Thanks mate.
100% agree with you.
Except some scams, Until now, I did not see any fully automated system could work well alone in a long term horizon.
Have a nice day,

Mar 28 at 14:21
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Our core trading logic was contributed to the Journal of Society of Technical Analysts by our CEO.
It was published several days ago included our own view of system optimization, risk control.
The full version is available via the home page of STA-UK.
Welcome all feedback ot market discussions.


Mar 29 at 02:49
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For the week ending March 23, USD shorts were pared back from -78K to -59K. EUR longs
increased by 3K to 93K. Meanwhile, JPY shorts rose from -40K to -53.5K. GBP longs fell by 7K
to 22K. CHF longs were cut back by 2K to 3K while CAD longs were pared back from 10K to 5K
(the lowest level YTD). AUD longs were down 2K to 6K and NZD longs declined by 1K to 5K.
MXN shorts were pared back from -30K to -21K.


Mar 31 at 15:18
232 комментариев
The passive rebalancing model at month-end points to strong USD selling against EUR, JPY, and
GBP and moderate USD selling against commodity and Scandinavian FX (Figure 1). The signals
have strengthened from our preliminary run (see Thoughts for the Week Ahead: Ripples rock
reflation ride, 28 March 2021).


Apr 13 at 09:29
5 комментариев
how to subscribe to signals?

Apr 13 at 15:05
232 комментариев
Hi FariasOO,

Many thanks for your enquiry.

Our website is re-built for now.

Free trading signal, Trade Copy and PAMM account service will be available and affordable.

I'll let you know thereafter.

All the best,

Apr 19 at 05:41
232 комментариев
IMM FX Positions: USD shorts’ decline stalls
For the week ending April 13, USD shorts increased by 2K to -32K after falling for five weeks
in a row. EUR longs declined by 1K to 67K. GBP longs increased from 20K towards 26K.
Meanwhile, CHF longs declined from 3K to 1K. NZD longs were scaled back slightly from 3K
to 2.5K, while MXN shorts were cut back from -13K to -12K. Net positions in JPY, CAD, and
AUD were little changed.


May 06 at 14:51
232 комментариев
USD shorts reduce to a score of -10 (-/+ 50 scale), as our proxy for technical investors and
electronic trading venues reduce shorts.
SEK longs unwind and the market builds shorts with a score of -11 driven by all
components, with the exception of our real money investor proxy.
Similarly, NOK longs unwind to a score of +9. While real money and technical investors hold
longs, option investors and electronic trading venues remain short.
EUR positioning shifts to a score of -4 from +6 last week, as our proxies for technical
investors and electronic trading venues add shorts.


May 07 at 09:45
232 комментариев
Ahead, all eyes will now on be on today’s NFP report at 13:30 BST. We forecasts a print of 1.15mn (median: 1mn; prior: 916k). The bar is high for these numbers to impress the markets. The above could be on account of the whisper number likely being even greater theconomists’ consensus. Thus for US yields to rise on a beat, we think the number would potentially need to come in well over one million job gains for April.

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