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Precis EURCHF 2% (By Ahmad Rafizi )

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Precis EURCHF 2% Обсуждение

Feb 08 at 05:02
15 комментариев
There is still a lot of improvement that is required here. You can easily work on that by tweaking some things around. All the best.

Feb 11 at 04:22
19 комментариев
Good demo. Do share the results if you decide to test this on live. Thank you.

Feb 16 at 13:04
9 комментариев
You are doing a good job on your demo account. I think it’s time that you should move to live trading now. I am sure you will do a good job there too.

Ahmad Rafizi (rafizi)
Apr 06 at 08:16
19 комментариев
account lost more than 70%. Replenished and reduced risk to 2%

Ahmad Rafizi (rafizi)
May 18 at 08:14
19 комментариев
account lost almost 90%. Replenished and now only running EUR/CHF pair at 2% risk.

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