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TRENDCATCHER (By Kevin Kraft )

Прибыль : +201.68%
Просадка 73.85%
Пипс: 34953.3
Сделки 2992
Тип: Реальный
Кредитное плечо: 1:500
Трейдинг: Автоматически


Kevin Kraft (trendtrader05)
Apr 04 2018 at 06:24
32 комментариев
Looks like my settings are not working for the EA since few days. All winning trades are being closed in loss or Breakeven. will further change the settings to lock some profit.

Kevin Kraft (trendtrader05)
Sep 05 2018 at 07:47
32 комментариев
I have been tweaking with the settings of my EA. Looks like it is optimized now to make profit ;)

Kevin Kraft (trendtrader05)
Nov 11 2018 at 07:55
32 комментариев
The autotrade on myfxbook application is pending since 2 months. I am accepting investors now. Can manage your account with similar settings and risk. Let me know if anyone interested.

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