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Coinexx Обсуждение

Jun 17 at 10:09
1 комментариев
From their responsive app user experience to speedy deposits and fast execution speed, coinex has been a great help to me. A brokerage firm that delivers working trading conditions while paying close attention to the needs of its clients. This distinguishes them from the other brokerage firms I've used in the past.
Jun 15 at 15:53
2 комментариев
When it comes to forex, the leverage is very high and flexible. With up to 1:5000 leverage, I can make a lot of money quickly by just increasing the size of my lot. I also have an account where I use low leverage to trade in a safe way.
May 18 at 12:49
1 комментариев
I got to know the service through someone’s recommendation. It has been 4 months. The only issue I had with it was a day when I could not log in to my account. I was getting an ‘authorization error’ message. The customer support fixed it in less than 3 minutes of complaining to them
May 16 at 16:04
1 комментариев
The commission is as low as $2 per round lot beating the market average of $5 per round lot. Trading a small account is easy. I am also protected against negative balances and here have no hidden costs so far
Apr 25 at 15:22
1 комментариев
I never knew how important customer service could be until I needed them to fix an issue with my MetaTrader some weeks ago. The replies were very fast and they helped me fix it within a few minutes. I am happy at the professional service that the broker is providing
Apr 22 at 15:11
1 комментариев
Gold is doing well for me; the volatility is high and I have been able to make a lot of money in a short time. I focus on gold when I want to trade news events like NFPs and FOMC; gold moves well at such periods. News trading is effective on Coinexx because of the ultra-fast execution speed and one-click trading features
Apr 04 at 18:39
2 комментариев
I have been with Coinexx for 8 months now, I am more than happy with their platform and service. In my opinion their customer service is professional and any issues that arise are dealt with quickly.I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Mar 30 at 18:08
1 комментариев
Tight spreads and instant order filling is the reason I am here. These features have given a boost to my trading results
Mar 28 at 13:59
1 комментариев
got bonus from their limited offer in March - huge cashback that i could withdraw!!!

Coinexx places priority on customers getting things right. The support is available to assist everyone to get things right. I was guided on how to open an account the first time. The process was not hard but I had to ask questions to be sure of the options available
Feb 17 at 20:36
1 комментариев
I trade on the metatrader 4 and metatrader 5 and I have not seen so much differece in how they execute trades. They both accept the use of robot and they have fast tarde execution speed. My withdrawals here have always been granted within a few hours of requesting
Feb 09 at 19:25
1 комментариев
I used to think like forex is a scam till I met someone who introduced me to trading forex. The person uses coinexx and that was why I also opened the account. I spent some months on the demo as the person guided me through how to trade. I am now trading on a live account and my general experience has been able to reveal to me that trading isn't necessarily a scam. And most of the popular news about people losing money or getting their accounts wiped is either because they could not manage their accounts well or because they were unlucky to be with a scam broker.
Jan 24 at 11:59
1 комментариев
I have opened account with this broker two months ago in order to test if it suits my strategy. Since I am trading with help of algorithm, I have initially invested small amount, just to check if everything will work properly. Previously I was using MT4, but here I wanted to make an upgrade to MT5 platform. I was concerned if algo will fit into the system. Just in case I have checked with customer service if it is feasible, and they have answered me that they support algo trading and gave me few tips regarding setup. Indeed, I didnt have any issues up to now. Spreads on ecn account are very low, somewhere around 0.01-0.05 pips, thou there is small fee on traded lot. It is good that trading with micro lots is supported, as well as 500 times leverage on forex pairs. All these conditions suit perfectly my trading strategy, so I have decided to raise my invested capital and continue to trade with this broker.
Jan 18 at 08:14
1 комментариев
I have spent some time researching in order to find broker where I could decrease costs of my crypto trading, and my final decision was Coinexx. I am trading here major crypto currencies for last four months. For moment, I am satisfied (at least until I find a broker with lower costs of trading). This is an ecn broker, so there is fixed cost per traded lot of $2.0. I dont think that it is too high. However, there are ecn spreads, which are volatile and depend on currency and its volatility during the day. Now, BTC is generally “expensive” coin, however, spreads on BTC here are generally lower and they might go up to 20 pips. Certainly, it is quite lower from majority of crypto brokers operating on the market. On the other hand, spreads on altcoins are here indeed quite low. For example, here I am trading ETH with spread which are mostly around 2-3 pips, rarely it can go up to 5 pips. LTC is less than 1 pip. What I also find nice here is that leverage is allowed for cryptos, so I am able to use leveraged funds up to 5:1. All other trading conditions are ok, didnt have any issue up to now.
Dec 08 2021 at 17:04
2 комментариев
Coinexx grants same day withdrawal. It accepts bitcoin for deposit and withdrawal processes with a minimum withdrawal amount of around 0.001 btc. It has never defaulted in payments so far. One other thing I like about the withdrawal is the fact that I do not have to withdraw with the same deposit option I used. It is common for brokers to claim that withdrawal can only be made with the same option that the deposit was made. Coinexx allows flexibility in withdrawal policy. I believe this is made possible because of its inclusion of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
Nov 25 2021 at 16:05
1 комментариев
One can trade on desktop, web and mobile phone with the broker. It allows one click trading activities making it easy to trade by pressing a button
Nov 22 2021 at 12:50
4 комментариев
It has more options for base account currency than many traditional brokers that I have seen around. Crypto currency base account currencies are available for those who are interested in it. The platform is professional and has many charting tools and custom indicators. I have been able to form a reliable strategy using indicators
Oct 31 2021 at 13:30
2 комментариев
I don't know how to trade yet, but using the PAMM account has been profitable for me. I am not in control of the profit I make because someone else trades for me; I have been making passive income through it. No money was made 2 months ago, the trader broke-even but made around 11% last month
Oct 29 2021 at 17:27
2 комментариев
Coinexx protects against having negative balance. One can be sure of not losing more than his negative balance. As good as that is, if the margin you are using is not large enough you get stopped out early. Getting stopped out early in case of not using a stop loss works for me. That is why I use very low leverage.
Oct 21 2021 at 13:45
1 комментариев
One click trading works here, entering and closing trades with just one click helps fast trade actions. It also gives access to custom indicators and variable strategies. I have tried the long term and short term trading with ease
Sep 28 2021 at 19:48
5 комментариев
I have a PAMM account that allows the fund manager to manage my account. The program I chose is quite favorable for me. I went through the manager's trading performance overtime to choose one that I am comfortable with. There are weeks that end in losses, but most times, the manager makes profits.
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