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Forex Contest Arum Capital

Apr 02 2018 at 07:36
24 príspevkov
Rohitfx posted:

Please confirm if such kind of trading which pakemon18 1st Ranker is doing is allowed ?

Because if allowed please say I can also jump in and use same kind of strategy what he is using but mostly broker do not allow such kind of unethical trading practice so please confirm in advance

'Unethical trading practice'? Let's do not dig in to ethics and moral when it concerns speculation, please...

Apr 02 2018 at 07:37
24 príspevkov
drayzen posted:
forexmastery posted:
how is pakemon18 guy trading, it seems crazy, how can he earn so much, if he is here, can he reply his strategy

Forget about it, it won't work in the live market.
Just think about it, if it did he wouldn't be revealing it in a contest where he can earn $1,200 because he'd have a bank account with millions in it.
He also wouldn't want anyone else using his strategy because once something that works becomes popular the brokers start losing money and they prevent the systems from executing their trades. Go have a read of some articles about FAP Turbo and GO Markets. (btw. Don't think you can use the new '3' version and make maaad monaaay, you won't, you'll loose it all). 😲

I -partially- agree with my fellow trader Rohitfx. It doesn't work in the retail side of the market. It works in the REAL inter-banking market though when they interact with their smaller scale counter-parties. Please, lets don't mix our retail side with the billion dollar boys. Cause 'what we see is not what we get' and further 'what we see its not what it is'. Imagine an A-book broker with a B-book market maker as a liquidity provider. The A-book broker interacts with its retail clients while the B-book broker -through its proprietary enormous algos- decides if it will accept the risk of the trade or through it on someone else's -lower latency- head...

Apr 02 2018 at 08:44
1 príspevkov
Первый красиво идет, снимаю шляпу) За неделю увеличил славно. Если ошибок не допустить догнать будет сложно.

Apr 02 2018 at 09:52
5 príspevkov
@Rohitfx Do u also posses such an EA ??

Or where can i get the EA even if it doesnt work on live account i juust wana see it run on demo is still ok

alomgir1 (alomgir1)
Apr 03 2018 at 06:05
1 príspevkov
I am trade manually

mavoinvestments (mavoinvestments)
Apr 03 2018 at 06:17
4 príspevkov
This is by no way a fair competition for manual traders like myself, competing with a high frequency trading bot ?..really disappointing...

mavoinvestments (mavoinvestments)
Apr 03 2018 at 06:17
4 príspevkov
I wont be surprised if the top ten come from Russia, fair trade coincidence two Russian accounts are in top 2 with same strategy, HFT Bot lol....

mavoinvestments (mavoinvestments)
Apr 03 2018 at 06:19
4 príspevkov
Anyway good luck fellow Manual traders ;) lol

SD_trader (SD_trader)
Apr 03 2018 at 06:24
3 príspevkov
Look at the spike on NZDUSD M1 @ 19:00 02.04.18. None of the brokers did have such one. I doubt it's going to be a fair game without stop hunt on real accounts

lanzu (lanzu)
Apr 03 2018 at 06:41
41 príspevkov
manual trade is good.

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