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What trade size and leverage to use in forex?

Apr 03 at 04:16
11 príspevkov
I think you should first look at how much capital you have in your account and how much are you willing to trade.

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Apr 05 at 07:17
187 príspevkov
There is no particular trade size and leverage that everyone can use. It totally depends on your capital and on your willingness to risk.

Oct 05 at 06:59
643 príspevkov
It depends on your capital size, risk tolerance ability and your skills to make money. But usually it's been said that don't risk more than 2% in a trade.

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Oct 05 at 07:34
43 príspevkov
Yes, this question is somehow meaningless. It depend on the type of product and the time of span you investing

Oct 05 at 08:11
491 príspevkov
I try to vary the sizes to suit the market situation, and most of the time it works out pretty well.

Oct 14 at 04:58
46 príspevkov
My trade size depends on the risk I am willing to take. On the other hand, I like to keep my leverage low because of the risks associated with it.

Oct 14 at 18:17
19 príspevkov
You can use whatever leverage you want actually there is no restriction towards leveraging. Lots of traders prefer trading without leverages because trading with leverages always implies lots of risks, not all traders are so crazy to take such risks. Of course, you can earn much more money, but you can also blow your account much faster. To my mind, leverage is for professional traders who mastered risk management practices and always can consciously assess the situation.Other would better stay off leverages, because it's a main trigger for blowing your account as I said. However, you can use it in case you're sure in your strengths.

Oct 17 at 10:52
283 príspevkov
I constantly increase in the course of work, this is the only way to develop both myself and my work

Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Oct 18 at 10:47
98 príspevkov
Leverage can do wonders to your trading if used mindfully. Although fxview offers leverage upto 500x but still I prefer using upto 200x. Better use it carefully, you'll be risking a lot the higher you go. also, best if the broker has negative balance protection.

Seb King (sebking1986)
Oct 18 at 14:16
152 príspevkov
I honestly don' think anything north of 1:500 is every needed. If used correctly and with caution it can be very useful but most use it to practice horrific risk management and get slapped for doing so.

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