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WHO trades forex for more than 10 years and keeps making regular profits

Matt (BluePanther)
Oct 30 2019 at 00:52
1354 príspevkov
BluePanther posted:
togr posted:
so is there some level when you switch from high risk to low risk trading?

I plan to graduate risk across my accounts in the following method:
Account 1: $1000
Account 2: $2000
Account 3: $3000
Account 4: $4000
Account 5: $5000
Account 6: $6000
Account 7: $7000
Account 8: $8000
Account 9: $9000
Account 10: $10,000
Account 11: $11,000
Account 12: $12,000
Account 13: $13,000
Account 14: $14,000
Account 15: $15,000
Account 16: $16,000
Account 17: $17,000
Account 18: $18,000
Account 19: $19,000

Risk setting of EAs would remain consistent across accounts, ie. starting Lots 0.01, strategy parameters, etc.

Risk can also be mitigated by scaled implementation of new systems, where a graduated process is followed prior to full implementation of any system across all accounts. I did not follow this process and my greed and haste cost me dearly.

For example:

1. Rigorously Backtest new EA on Historical Data until satisfied of performance;
2. Complete successful Forward testing on Demo;
3. After x period, commence EA on Account 1;
4. After x period, commence EA on Account 2;
5. After x period, commence EA on Account 3;
21. After x period, commence EA on Account 19;

where 'x period' is an arbitrary measure of time, such as a week or month.

'Success in trading requires calculated risk, measured gains, and tempered emotions.'

Oct 30 2019 at 12:44
241 príspevkov
I do trade near that time since 2011, but im a system developer 2009

I noticed , stability is one and only thing matters.
If you have this point of view, it means you look serious and you count it as a business not a game.

Ninja Forex (ninjaforex)
Nov 02 2019 at 13:18
30 príspevkov
try to make simple, dont make difficult your trading self with complicate strategy
even for now to much impact politic fundamental, most of them make make fake all analisy technical too

soo this is the way to find another think strategy, like whats to handle trade this climate with smart strategy too

Founder of Number 1 Ninja Forex Strategy in The World -
Timothe Bouchard (ratou11)
Nov 08 2019 at 02:05
43 príspevkov
Been trading forex for 6 years, been making consistent profit for 1.5 years. Forex takes time.

Nov 08 2019 at 07:59
140 príspevkov
BluePanther posted:
tradeFX4btc posted:
Since we have both been rekt from flash crashes, what are you doing differently?

Oh, and:
7) Diversification is BAD; just because a system can work on 28 pairs, does not mean it should be used on 28 pairs. Sure it can multiply results and give some guarantee to returns, but it also adds exposure to every market event, and movements can be multiplied across other pairs of the same currency. It only took two currencies for me to gain 800% and 1000%: it is better to focus on a few currencies and limit your exposure to risk events.

'The most successful investors don't diversify. Rather, they FOCUS (Follow-One-Course-Until-Successful) and specialize. They get to know the investment category they invest in and how the business works better than anyone else.'
(Robert Kiyosaki, American businessman and author)

“Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing.”
(Warren Buffett, American business magnate, investor, speaker and philanthropist)

Great advice. I enjoy seeing the quotes of successful businessmen in relation to what you have learned.

Nov 10 2019 at 20:58
55 príspevkov
ratou11 posted:
Been trading forex for 6 years, been making consistent profit for 1.5 years. Forex takes time.
Yes, unfortunately lots of new traders do not have patience and need to understand that mastering forex takes time.

MitraFxIndo (MitraFxIndo)
Nov 11 2019 at 06:46
23 príspevkov
Not Just Long Trade, But Need Known how much Profit perdays, permonths, and Drowdown, so we can choose the ea for buy or follow......

Be Best Trader And Got Money
Michael (SNF_Complex)
Nov 12 2019 at 12:57
216 príspevkov

still trade from 2000 ..

still in profit !


SNF-Complex system - build in 2007 \ Tested from 1970.
Matt (BluePanther)
Nov 12 2019 at 18:29
1354 príspevkov
SNF_Complex posted:

still trade from 2000 ..

still in profit !

Amazing! One of the 5% of traders who stay profitable! 19 years' straight! Wow!
Keep it up, you are an inspiration for losers like me! 😎

KoreOne (GioanTrader)
Nov 25 2019 at 22:37
2 príspevkov
Hey guys,

I started trading a year ago and have had some success recently. I started tracking my trading about two months ago. Only manual trades with some algos in development. This account started on 10k and I want to get it to 20k safely (risk managed).

All the best,

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