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Almost all methods give profit if

Nov 27 2020 at 07:37
690 príspevkov
Robert647373 posted:
First, you need to decide on the system that works best for you. Then check its robustness on your demo account. And if there are positive results, then you can, adhering to this strategy, enter the market.

Nice tips. I always test every new strategy in demo account. I never apply to real trading before getting my expected result in demo.

Nov 27 2020 at 09:40
341 príspevkov
Yes. All methods can give you profit if you have proper knowledge and skills to trade in the market.

Nov 28 2020 at 12:59
674 príspevkov
EbonyJones posted:
Making profit from this market is not so easy. you need a proper plan to make money from this risky market.

That’s true. Trading plan should include risk and money management. Trader often miss those.

Barter 7 (Barter7)
Nov 28 2020 at 13:43
8 príspevkov
Michihito posted:
Almost all methods give profit if you follow the method properly. Most traders take impulsive decision while opening a trade even when they method doesn't allow them to open the trade. So controlling emotions is very important.

Totally agree with this... a same formula of method but not every single follower to learn and follow will come out different result is because different people have different emotion and habit of trading which will come out different result.

Nov 30 2020 at 08:40
123 príspevkov
I think both of these things are important. Religiously sticking to a method that hasn't been developed properly doesn't sound much better to me than failing to stick to a solid strategy.

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