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Discipline and Forex Trading

Sep 25 at 16:09
3 príspevkov
Discipline is the key to success in forex market, but it is very hard to reach. There are so many temtations and emotions during trading, and a trader should pull themselves together in order not to let emotions interfere in decision making process. It is an open secret that emotions lead to the loss of the budget. So, in order to avoid this negative situation, you've got to be disciplined.

Sep 25 at 17:18
320 príspevkov
I believe that discipline is really important in this industry. It should be generally understood that these are important aspects that affect the results of a trader's work as a whole.

Sep 27 at 08:19
25 príspevkov

Traders need to be more vigilant and disciplined because without these they won't be able to assess the market, and strategize their trading plans accordingly.

Sep 27 at 09:37
4 príspevkov
Discipline and consistency in learning is the key to get success in the forex trading.

Sep 27 at 20:05
18 príspevkov
Discipline and forex tradding are inexctricably connected with each other. There are no successful forex trading activity without discipline actually. I'm not talking about physical discipline, like complying with trading regimes and so on. I also take into consideration mental discipline which implies stable mentality, clear mind and conscious actions. In my opinion, there are plenty of traders nowadays who are tend to neglect this rule and from tim to time it leads them to failure. We all know that mistakes can help traders to become more successful, then ones who don't want to comply with discipline, will once face its consequences.

Oct 07 at 18:12
13 príspevkov
Discipline is a key to success. It is not important which knowledge and skills you have when you don't know how to implement them in an efficient way.

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