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Every newbie should practice

Apr 03 at 13:36
69 príspevkov
It is important to be able to work with instruments, use alerts, trade in one click without all these skills, it will be difficult for you.

Apr 03 at 14:06
162 príspevkov
Yes everyone newbie should practice and focus on learning. In forex without skills earning is not possible. No matter how long you are trading. Skills and experience is the key to success.

Apr 06 at 04:28
13 príspevkov
Demo accounts serve like a practice tool for traders before they can switch to trading live. It is indeed a good thing for newbies.

Apr 06 at 07:04
147 príspevkov
it ia mandatory for the newbies to trade on the demo. If not it will be like driving the car without knowing the accelerator, brake and clutch and the end BANG..

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