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Forex is not a bad business

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Oct 12 at 17:03
109 príspevkov
I think a lot of people get the wrong idea about forex trading and think it's a scam or impossible to really make money due to all the failed traders out there. Of course it's possible to make money, it's just that it's more work than most people expect. You wouldn't take a regular job and expect to become rich without putting in effort, yet people expect that from trading or else they classify it as a sham.

Oct 17 at 10:43
283 príspevkov
any investment option cannot be bad if you understand what you are doing

Oct 20 at 16:43
20 príspevkov
Of course forex isn't a bad business, mainly because it can generate solid sums of money actually. To my mind, forex trading is a great business and if you can earn solid sums of money then it becomes really profitable for you. The main idea of trading as a business is that you should make some steps which should be contemplated beforehand. Of course, not all traders can make money on forex, nevertheless if we take into consideration traditional form of business, then there are also sme people who remained bankrupted after trying it. So, everything is individual here and depends on your goals and skills.

Oct 21 at 05:47
12 príspevkov
Its not a bad business but we shouldn't try any shortcut, stay almost 3--6 months with demo to build your skills.

Oct 21 at 06:15
18 príspevkov
its bad for losers and good for gainers.....

Oct 21 at 08:04
10 príspevkov
Forex is bad for those who lose due to greed.

Oct 21 at 08:41
477 príspevkov
Forex for work is a very good option. When I started working with a broker, I thought the same way. And now I am quite satisfied with Forex.

Oct 21 at 15:15
124 príspevkov
well, those people who do not understand this but fell for promises of easy money - would argue with such an argument

Oct 22 at 12:05
32 príspevkov
croisssan posted:
Forex for work is a very good option. When I started working with a broker, I thought the same way. And now I am quite satisfied with Forex.

I agree with you, if forex trading is done with the adequate knowledge then it is really a good medium to earn.

Oct 22 at 16:00
37 príspevkov
Forex is an excellent business, which offers unlimited profit and unlimited loss. Thus, it depends on an individual what he wants to achieve from this business. One thing for sure this is not as easy business as it seems at the beginning to most of the traders. It is a serious business and it is to be dealt with very cautiously. A trader needs to learn and invest his time before getting into this business.

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