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Forex not fully risk free

Feb 17 at 17:45
488 príspevkov
Right. But you can management your risk and maximize profit by following proper trading risk management strategy.

Feb 18 at 00:57
527 príspevkov
Risk is present in every job, not less in Forex trading. However, to get rid of this risk, you have to use some formula. For example, you need to use a 1: 2 risk-reward in every trade and follow money management.

78678676 (78678676)
Feb 18 at 11:26
121 príspevkov
That’s true. One cannot avoid losses for sure, but we need to minimize them as much as we can.

Feb 23 at 10:14
23 príspevkov
There is risk with any investment and forex is one of them. The risk can surely be minimised with some techniques and strategies.

Feb 23 at 10:25
36 príspevkov
Forex definitely comes with huge risks and there's no one who can have success in forex without a good risk management strategy. We must plan on how we are going to minimise our risks before we enter into any trade, else losses can be severe.

Feb 23 at 13:34
330 príspevkov
Planning is the key to success. Without a proper plan, you can not make money from this risky market. So, make a plan and earn money as much as you can.

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