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It has been said that

Mar 11 at 11:56
484 príspevkov
forexminded posted:
Exactly, Practice is the key to have consistent profits in the forex market.

I also agree. Practice in demo account as much as possible in order to improve trading skill.

Mar 11 at 12:15
36 príspevkov
Practice definitely made me get better with trading so I will say that this is very true.

Mar 13 at 12:40
298 príspevkov
To be expert in the art of trading, there is no alternative to knowledge and skills. And it takes time to achieve it but most people do not try to understand this fact. They waste time looking for short cut.

Mar 13 at 17:18
72 príspevkov
UweMoench posted:
It has been said that practice makes a man perfect. Forex trading is no exception to this. If you enter the market without the best possible practice you should confront numerous troubles. For practice you need a demo account that is well synced with live market prices.

Completely agree. Perfection is not possible i might add. One of the biggest things ive learned is to incorporate mistakes into my trading plan. They will always happen

Mar 13 at 18:21
322 príspevkov
The forex market depends on supply and demand. Crossing Moving Average is an indicator signal. The moving average provides a signal to change the trend. If one moving average crossovers another moving average, there is an opportunity to change the trend. So this moving average provides useful signals.

Mar 16 at 04:02
13 príspevkov
That is right. Practising your trades can be an effective strategy for succeeding in forex.

78678676 (78678676)
Mar 16 at 10:51
117 príspevkov
PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE . That’s the way to success.

Mar 24 at 11:55
11 príspevkov
Everything requires practice and time and so does forex. If you have to earn money, you’ll have to work for it.

Mar 24 at 18:28
17 príspevkov
78678676 posted:
PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE . That’s the way to success.

Forex is the most popular online business in the world. Many people earn a lot of money everyday from this market. To make money from this market, you need to have proper knowledge about the market. Otherwise you can face a huge loss.

Mar 24 at 23:17
205 príspevkov
The more I practice, the more skills I will develop, and the more skills I develop, the more profit I will be able to gain. So it is possible to make a lot of money if you can practice with patience.

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