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Most traders don't get success

Oct 20 at 16:28
25 príspevkov
I totally agree with the idea that the main reason for failures is misconception of the newbies about what trading really is. Successful trading presupposes much learning and practise. Not all of the people are ready to spend so much time on analysing the charts and news, so you will more likely to be a success on the market if you are really interested in trading. However, if you think that trading forex is easy and it doesn't require any efforts, you'd better stay away from this activity as you will definetely lose lots of money with such an approach.

Oct 20 at 16:31
22 príspevkov
Well, no doubts that most of traders don't get success and the reasons of such situations are that they dedicate less time to learning and practicing. It sounds quite corny, however it really depends on these things. Moreover, I would note emotions and unproper goals. Of course, it's quite unpleasant to lose money, especially when you lose all your money, however it makes traders stronger as I think. Those traders who always try, they always reach success. They made mistakes but they understand that they wouldn't let these mistakes to interrupt their future trades. So, it works approximately like that.

Oct 20 at 18:58
174 príspevkov
Probably true, if everyone one it wouldn't work very well would it.....

Oct 20 at 19:21
459 príspevkov
skihav posted:
It's just that many people often don't want to try and waste time. When I started working with a broker , I just took the time to work on a demo account, and got an excellent result.

A demo is the best place to learn.

Suradi (FXOday)
Oct 20 at 20:33
170 príspevkov
Maybe yes maybe no, I think successful traders only for them that always hard work and smart work, they want to spend time learning and have a good mindset, because forex trading is about how to manage money to make money, choosing trading pair also important to get good pair with a strong trending market, the easier trading is when the market in strong trending, but waiting this moment is not always to come.

Oct 21 at 05:48
12 príspevkov
Oct 21 at 15:16
124 príspevkov
Forex is such an occupation where it is not so easy to get profitable results

Oct 22 at 07:57
11 príspevkov
GraceGilm posted:
Forex is such an occupation where it is not so easy to get profitable results

Success in forex trading depends on knowledge and experience.

Oct 22 at 11:13
355 príspevkov
In many respects, of course, this depends on the trader himself, but this is so. Very often, by their own stupidity, traders actually lose their money.

Oct 22 at 16:09
37 príspevkov
Most traders are unsuccessful. In fact, statistics suggests that 95% traders fail in this business. One of the reasons for that is traders invest their money in live market way too early than they should. Since it is not an easy business, they lose their money as well as confidence. Let us not do it. We must invest our hard work, time and dedication before investing real money in this market. It is not easy but it is certainly doable if it is dealt accordingly.

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