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Only a small percentage

Elena Triston (ele020)
Jul 07 at 04:05
219 príspevkov
Akasuki posted:
Yeah it's been said that only 5% traders can make money in the forex market for the long run. Rest 95% can not make regular Profit.

yes they cannot make profit because they focus on becoming a millionaire in a day instead of learning the skill.

The more your practice, the more you learn.
Jul 07 at 04:12
545 príspevkov
@Pezza Yes success does not come overnight in forex trading. It takes years of study and systematic practice to get success in trading.

Aug 05 at 10:03
107 príspevkov
Of course, right away, having come into this area, you cannot achieve high results and income. Everything takes time.

Aug 05 at 11:52
244 príspevkov
@Duktilar Yes everything takes time. Specially developing trading skills take time. But people do not want to give time to learn. They want to earn without learning properly.

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